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FCO London 2012 Public Diplomacy: Post Engagement Strategy

The FCO has identified 32 priority posts with the potential to deliver major gains in key policy areas, namely

  • Security (including counter-terrorism, MEPP and Af-Pak).
  • Prosperity (included are the 12 posts identified by HMG as commercial priority posts).
  • National Interest (democracy, human rights, international law and other British values)
Commercial Priority posts   Other priority posts   
China  Afghanistan  Iran   Palestine  
India  Argentina  Iraq   Saudi Arabia  
Brazil  Australia  Israel   Singapore  
Germany  Bangladesh  Jordan   Turkey  
France  Canada  Lebanon     
USA  Chile  Malaysia     
UAE  Egypt  Mexico     
Qatar  Indonesia  Pakistan     
South Africa    
South Korea    

These Posts will receive the lion's share of support. They have been selected based on the following factors:

  • UKTI priority markets.
  • New FCO priorities (Global Economics Group analyses, Foreign Secretary speeches); top ally /United Nations Security Council member/BRICS.
  • Countries that form part of the British Council's 2012-related International Inspiration programme.
  • Low perception of the UK on the Gallup poll and 'Anholt' Nation Brand Index.
  • Priority country for other FCO campaigns (climate change, Middle East, Prevent/CT).
  • Upcoming hosts for major sporting events.
  • Top 10 in terms of tourist numbers and inward investment to the UK.


Strategy Development

Our Posts' strategies are well developed, but not yet finalised in all cases. We expect to have a full 18-month plan by the New Year and will share it with the FAC then if required. Meanwhile, we attach a grid showing firm plans for activity in our priority Posts for the next nine months.

Cross Government Co-ordination

We are working closely with other government departments to co-ordinate our resources, channels and assets and ensure joined up activity on the ground. On 10 November, Number 10 is chaired a meeting for FCO and partners to agree a more defined strategy.


Work on the Olympics has been subject to the marketing and advertising freeze. We are confident that Olympics related activity will be seen as critical to delivering the coalition's international objectives for the Olympics and that the freeze will be relaxed in some way when it is reviewed in April. We have already secured a partial unfreezing to allow the production of branded 'toolkit' material. The emphasis will continue to be on no or low cost ways of working, however.


More parts of our activity will come into alignment in the next few months. We have two new initiatives in which Posts - priority and non-priority - will be able to get involved: an international photo-competition and touring 'innovations exhibition' showing British high-tech gadgetry.

This month staff will receive an 'Olympics toolkit' - a series of images and slogans that they can use on posters, websites, t- shirts, badges etc.

In December we will launch an internal communication drive to push 2012 to the top of senior managers' minds across the network.

By the end of the year we will produce a travel plan for our See Britain Ambassadors so that every one of our 32 priority posts hosts a visit in 2011.

Priority Posts - planned activity for London 2012 public diplomacy
  November 2010   December 2010  January 2011   February 2011  March 2011 - 500 days to go   
New See Britain Film launched. Posted on all post websites.

Launch of Going for Green film.   

New See Britain Film launched. Posted on all post websites.   

New See Britain Film launched. Posted on all post websites.   

New See Britain Film launched. Posted on all post websites.   

New See Britain Film launched. Posted on all post websites.

All priority posts are arranging some kind of event: switching on of count down clocks, receptions, locally placed press articles.   

Prosperity  Pretoria/ Jo'burg: "Stay on for Sport" tourism promotion: -delegation of 7 lifestyle/sports journalist to UK.   Berlin: Parliamentarians' Evening: theme Paralympics   Lord Mayor's visit to Turkey (opportunities for trade promotion)   Lebanon: HMA shows Going for Green film at the British Lebanese Business Group monthly followed by Q&A session.

Moscow: hosting with UKTI "Ecological Urbanism" conference with presentations from British innovators. Audience is Russian developers, construction companies and senior government officials

Johannesburg: CEO Sainsbury's visit. (on the board of LOCOG and Sainsbury's is one of the main sponsors of the Paralympics.)   

Moscow: 24 page colour supplement magazine with the Moscow Times celebrating the "special relationship" born of the London 2012 Summer Games/ Sochi 2014 Winter Games

Riyadh: HMA hosted reception with sports minister Prince Sultan bin Fahd. Audience of those people who have benefited from the Saudi British sports MoU.

Pretoria/Johannesburg: Event with BT Global, SA NOC, UKTI and others at the Trade Commissioner's Residence - there will be a live video feed to a presentation by BT Global's CEO in London explaining how BT is connecting the games.

Security  Lebanon - Beirut Marathon - Press Conference with Edward Maalouf (Lebanese Paralympist taking part in London 2012)   Lebanon "International Day for Disabled Persons" event in cooperation with Lebanese Paralympic Committee.

Indonesia: Football match with the Indonesian Sports and Youth Ministry.   

    Brasilia: "The UK and Brazil - Partnership through Sport": Sports conference led by Foreign Secretary or Prime Minister

Launch of Paralympic Exhibition at side-event during UK-Brazil high level sports conference. Exhibition then to go on a roadshow to 5 Brazilian regional capitals.

Tehran: Sports Relief Charity Run in co-operation with an Iranian charity and aimed at highlighting Iranian Paralympians in the Iranian press

Lebanon: Sport Relief Run for the disabled: Event with Lebanese Olympics and Paralympics athletes and 1-2 schools.

Dubai: Charity run hosted jointly with Arab satellite TV giant Al-Arabiya.   

National Interest  Buenos Aires - First Green Endurance Racing Car tours South America. Platform for promoting "Green Olympics".

Moscow: show See Britain films at UK Film Festival in Moscow and 5th International Disability Film Festival.

New York: Navy destroyer HMS Daring in port. Consulate event highlighting UK-US links in the arts to audience of entertainment business executives/stars.   

Canada - EU Film Festival. Will showcase See Britain short films

Mexico: "Going for Green" screening at the Cancun Climate Change Summit at the business pavilion.

Moscow: Press tour to UK demonstrating how London is preparing for the Olympics.   

  Canada First anniversary of Vancouver Winter Games February 2011 - using this high profile event to showcase the London 2012, the next Olympic event.   Germany - Visit Britain London 2012 promotion at Berlin International Trade Fair.

France: 3rd March: Women's day - "Empowering women". Embassy and the Chamber of Commerce will hold an event at the Residence. Dame Ellen MacArthur should be present.

Japan: "London 2012 - beyond 2012 to a sustainable future" an event to highlight the sustainable nature of the Olympic site.

Seoul: HMA hosted reception with Dr Moon Dae-Sung (an IOC member and a former Taekwondo star).   

  April 2011   May 2011  June 2011   July 2011 - One year to go   August 2011 - July 2012  
  New See Britain Film launched. Posted on all post websites.   New See Britain Film launched. Posted on all post websites.   New See Britain Film launched. Posted on all post websites.

All posts linking QBP to London 2012   

New See Britain Film launched. Posted on all post websites.   Continuation of See Britain Film launches.   
Prosperity  VIP to visit Riyadh. May meet Saudi athletes preparing for games.     Sydney: Channel 9 "British Week" featuring preparations for games including green transport, construction etc.       
Security    Amman: The Road from Jordan to London - highlighting the personal stories of Jordanian athletes who are preparing for London 2012.     Tehran - Short film evening - utilising See Britain footage and Going for Green.

Riyadh - British Muslim athletes perform pilgrimage and train with their Saudi counterparts.   

Cairo: Britain in Egypt week - November 2011. Bringing out important architectural projects that unite Britain and Egypt, for instance the work of Zaha Hadid and the recent project for the Grand Museum.   
National Interest       Buenos Aires: Green Film Festival featuring Going for Green documentary. Also will send delegation of journalists to London.   New York: 1 year to go - High level function. CG to host an event at the New York Armoury to coincide with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Sydney/ Canberra: One year to go - Participation/speech by High Commissioner at the Australian Olympic Committee fundraising event. A British-themed dinner for several hundred hosted by AOC.

Seoul: Embassy, Visit Britain and SBS will launch a TV campaign. Film will be made by SBS film crews visiting London and Olympic sites.

Jo' burg: The race to London - staff and contacts to complete the distance to London. Participants to log their gym time/distances (be in the pool, on the treadmill, exercise bike or similar). Message linked to the legacy ambition to get more people active, even if only a little each day.   



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