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Written evidence from Elzbieta Rembowska

I am writing to urge you to rethink the cuts you are intending to make to the World Service Funding. I worked for the BBC World Service for nearly 20 years in the Soviet Union, in the sub-continent, and on various occasions at events around the world. I know first-hand the importance of the service to the audience. Before that I learned from relations back in Poland how much the World Service was valued throughout the Eastern bloc. The cold war may be over but the need for straight honest broadcasting is not.

If you mention the BBC doors are opened—and this is because of what it stands for—the integrity of its news service—the social programming—the advocacy of human rights &c. It raises the standing of Britain throughout the world—to get rid of it—and there has to be a minimum size it can be reduced to before it self implodes—does great harm to an institution which is valued around the world. Furthermore I would draw your attention to the monies pouring into Chinese international radio—this is not when we should be taking out a service which is serving people's needs and promoting a vision of the world which values democracy, challenges corruption and promotes human rights.

Please stop the cuts—you can save a Service which does this country the world of good for a very small sum of money.

7 February 2011

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Prepared 13 April 2011