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Further supplementary written evidence from the BBC World Service



Following Peter Horrocks' comments at the FAC hearing on 9 March on circumvention technology, and articles in the Guardian on a possible funding deal with the US state department on 20 and 22 March, please find below details of the proposal and clarification on the BBC's involvement:

BBC World Service Trust, the BBC's independent international development charity, is developing a proposal to enable audiences across the world to access and engage with digital platforms safely and effectively whilst being informed of the risks and opportunities involved.

BBC World Service Trust is not in receipt of funds from the US State Department for this work. It has however applied through an open and competitive tender process to US State Department for project funding in this area, the outcome of which will not be known for several months. Digital safety is an area of growing importance to audiences around the world and the US State Department is one of a number of potential funders that the World Service Trust is approaching.

The World Service Trust is constantly innovating and currently has multiple proposals in development being actively considered by a wide range of donor sources. Some of these are delivered in partnership with Global News and in particular with World Service.

23 March 2011

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