House of Commons Session 2010-12
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Foreign Affairs Committee - Memoranda

CONTENTS: Estimates


FCO Main Estimate 2010-11 Memorandum

FCO Winter Supplementary Estimate 2010-11

UKTI Spring Supplementary Estimates 2010–11 Memorandum (DR 23)

FCO Spring Supplementary Estimate 2010–11 Memorandum (DR 24)

FCO Main Estimate 2011–12 Memorandum (DR 27)

UKTI 2011–12 Estimates Memorandum (DR 28)

UKTI Main Estimates 2011 (DR 28)

FCO Supplementary Estimates 2011-12: Memorandum

FCO Supplementary Estimates 2011-12: Commentary by the Committee Office Scrutiny Unit

UKTI Supplementary Estimates 2011-12: Memorandum

UKTI Supplementary Estimates 2011-12 Commentary by the Committee Office Scrutiny Unit

Letter to the Chairman from William Hague MP, Foreign Secretary, regarding the 2011-12 Memorandum for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Main Estimate




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