Miscellaneous Matters


Letter to the Chair of the Committee from the Rt Hon William Hague MP, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs:
UK-US Defence Trade Co-operation Treaty

I am very pleased to report that on 29 September the US Congress agreed the US-UK Defence Trade Co-operation Treaty. This is a positive step. As well as reflecting the close defence relationship between our countries, the Treaty will benefit our Armed Forces and improve the support provided to them by simplifying export licensing arrangements and facilitating the movement of equipment and information between the UK and US.

We plan to allow an implementation period of up to a year. During this phase both the UK and US-and our respective industries-will prepare the various processes and procedures necessary to underpin the Treaty and ensure that they work effectively and efficiently. We will also consider applications from UK industry to join the Approved Community of businesses. Once this work has been successfully completed, we anticipate a formal exchange of notes with the US to bring the Treaty into force.

I will look forward to providing a further update once we have clarified the implementation timetable with the US.

5 October 2010

Prepared 14th September 2011