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Up to the end of June 2010, the UKBA has removed/deported 2,425 FNPs.

A total of 5,355 foreign national prisoners were removed in the financial year 2009-10. This was below the UK Border Agency target which was to remove 6,000 foreign national prisoners in 2009-10.

Information for Q3 2010 is due to be published on 25 November 2010—Control of Immigration Statistics, Quarterly Statistical Summary, Home Office

Fig 1: Foreign national prisoners removed/deported by calendar year


Excluding the eight duplicate records identified, there are 1,005 unique cases of FNPs released without consideration for deportation. The progress and outcome of these cases, as at 22 October 2010, is summarised in Figure 2.

Fig 2: FNPs released without consideration for deportation

The outcomes broken down by seriousness of offence are illustrated in Figure 3. It shows, for instance, that of the 43 most serious cases deportation was the outcome in two-thirds of cases. Among the "more serious" and "other" category of offenders non-deportations were higher than deportations.

A higher proportion of the "most serious" cases have been concluded (93%) than the "more serious" (82%) and "other" (77%).

Fig. 3: FNPs released without consideration for deportation by seriousness of offence

In total 70 released FNPs have not been located of which one served a sentence for "most serious" offence and three for a "more serious" offence.

The pie chart below simply shows the 1,005 cases by seriousness of offence:

Fig. 4: FNPs released without consideration for deportation – seriousness of offences


The chart below shows the number of cases remaining in the legacy backlog between July 2006 and September 2010, based on previous letters from the UKBA/BIA to the Select Committee. Also shown is a simple projection of the size of the backlog to summer 2011 (dotted grey line), based purely on the rate of clearance since July 2006.

Fig. 5: Estimated size of asylum ‘legacy’ backlog since July 2006

Finally, the pie chart shows the outcomes of the 334,500 cases dealt with in the legacy backlog to the end of September 2010. The "others" category has been further broken down in the smaller pie. Note that subtracting all the individual conclusion categories provided in the letter (removals, grants, duplicates, errors, EU nationals, controlled archive) from 334,500 still leaves 8,000 cases not accounted for. These have been assigned to the [Other] category in the smaller pie.

Fig.6: outcome of cases dealt with under ‘legacy’ backlog to end May 2010

NOTE A: the [Other] category is the remainder of cases after all other outcomes listed in the UKBA letter of 19 July had been subtracted from the 277,000 total.

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