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Written evidence submitted by International Students of Forth Valley College, Falkirk (SV11)

Most respectfully, we want to bring very important information to your attention, which a majority of genuine International students will suffer soon because of the newly brought proposals by abolishing the Post Study Work (PSW) Visa, which was actually promised before we started our studies in United Kingdom. Now in the middle of our study, the rules are being changed after we have already spent thousands of pounds here. Just to bring in your attention the reasons PSW is preferable for us rather than Tier 2 (work permit).

  • 1.  Most of PSW candidates are willing to be self employed and start a business rather than look for a job to qualify for a Tier 2 visa.
  • 2.  Even for a good professional job, employers always want to see a right to work documents first before offering any position, means no PSW no job offer.
  • 3.  Plus it's impossible to secure the job in the last remaining 4 months of visa because most of employers want to see the full degrees not just transcripts and degrees normally awarded at the end of visa/stay.

Therefore ending PSW all of sudden means the scheme that have attracted thousands of students was a con, which we don't expect from the fair justice system of Great Britain. All we want is a fair transitional period which covers all the genuine students who started their study probably in September 2010 by the understanding of PSW.

We acknowledge Government is doing what is best for country, but we are the ambassadors of our countries and don't want to have a bad impression of UK in our countries. Therefore, we thought to represent 100's of international students and show their concern regarding this serious matter. We hope you will look at our problem and do something reasonable according to your power for the reputation of Britain; we will be much obliged.

January 2011

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Prepared 25 March 2011