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Written evidence submitted by the Student Welfare Officer, Middlesex Academy of Business and Management (SV25)

Tier 4 courses should not be restricted only to Highly Trusted Sponsors (HTS)

Every Institution starts at a lower level before acquiring the HTS status. Therefore by this restriction, other Private Institutions which have invested in the sector will be deprived of doing admissions. All institutions should be allowed to offer the required courses for the Tier 4 level, if they meet the criteria. Students are known to have climbed the academic ladder starting from the certificate level to PHD. That is what is unique with the UK system of education and that is why many people would like to come and study here.

Secure English Test

Should be established at all the posts where visas are obtained. In that way, you can ensure the candidates level of English.

Students to return to their home to apply for visa extension

This is not a fair proposal. The Home Office is the competent body to issue visa. A student who is already in the UK is right at the source of the decision making body. It will rather impose a financial burden on the student if he or she has to return home to apply for the extension of his visa to come back to the UK.

Dependants should be allowed to work

The cost of education is already very high for foreign students, in addition, they are being restricted from work during the week. By allowing the spouse to work, may compensate for the other partner not working. When the entire family is in this country for studies, they are learning something of the English culture also. It will be good to revisit this decision on humanitarian grounds.


Placements are advantageous to both students and the establishments they serve. While students are doing work as part of their study program, the establishment stand to gain from their input as they are paid lower wages. Secondly, students make a huge contribution to the industry. The area of Health Care is largely sustained by this type of arrangement. It should be pointed out the students are caring for UK citizens who are in need of love and tender care.

There should not be too much focus on student migrants who have at lot to contribute to the economy, while closing the eye on the real economic migrants. Student migrants do not have recourse to public funds, but they rather contribute to the economy (only last economic year the contribution from the overseas students was over £10 billion).

January 2011

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Prepared 25 March 2011