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Written evidence submitted by the Institute of Administrative Management (SV30)

I am the chief executive officer of the Institute of Administrative Management. We have close to 5,000 international students every year and I wish to contribute to the inquiry on proposals to restrict student visas, particularly for qualifications tiered below degree level.

I will focus on the capacity of professional institutes to regulate international students and propose the following solutions:

  • Professional institutes are smaller than a usual awarding organisation, so they can monitor students and their achievements more closely.
  • They prioritise their reputation of excellence above all else. They are likely to stop irregularities even when it may be against their financial interest to do so.
  • Institutes, like ours, assess students with written examinations. Non-examination assessment methods are used far less. Supervised examinations guarantee that students complete their own work and that their time is spent studying instead of working illegally.
  • Examination results are an excellent indicator on how much time a student spends studying. Examinations, managed by professional institutes, are very demanding as demonstrated by pass rates being lower than other bodies.
  • The UKBA could restrict the number of times students are allowed to re-take examinations.
  • Students who repeatedly fail demonstrate that they are not spending enough time studying. Institutes concentrate on a small number of students and can identify, and deal with these irregularities effectively. In this way, concerns over illegal work can be addressed, using resources already in place.

I hope you consider these points in your inquiry.

January 2011

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Prepared 25 March 2011