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Supplementary written evidence from the Department of Health (CFI 01A)

At the evidence session on 8 March, Dame Barbara Hakin promised to send to the Committee maps of GP pathfinders and PCT clusters.

Attached is a map of the GP pathfinders.[26] However, to get the full benefit of the map, which is interactive, it needs to be viewed on- line at: You can click on a marker to find out more about each consortia. The markers are colour coded by SHA region.

Regarding PCT clusters, SHAs are working with local partners on proposals for clusters in line with the guidance at:

Final cluster arrangements will not therefore be in place in all regions until 1 June in line with the OF requirement.

March 2011

26   The map is not reproduced here as the benefits of the colour-coded markers would be lost in the monochromatic printing of this Report. Back

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Prepared 5 April 2011