Possible implications for Northern Ireland of the Daylight Saving Bill

Written evidence from the Federation of Small Business

The Federation of Small Businesses is Northern Ireland’s largest business organisation with 8,000 members, drawn from across all sectors of industry. The Federation lobbies decision makers to create a better business environment.

The FSB has considered the possible implications for Northern Ireland of the Daylight Savings Bill and has concluded that it would take widespread consultation to reach a settled view from local members. It is not currently a priority issue for the many small businesses in Northern Ireland who are currently hampered by growing energy costs, lack of consumer confidence and no evidence of significant increase in sales for the foreseeable future.

The FSB, from a UK perspective, has expressed a neutral opinion. In Northern Ireland, the FSB concurs with this but would highlight the need for any consultation and subsequent decision to recognise that Northern Ireland has a land border with the Republic of Ireland. The operation of different time zones on either side of the border would cause significant business difficulties, so any variation from the status quo should be reached through consensus with the Republic of Ireland government.

28 March 2011