Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill - Political and Constitutional Reform Committee Contents


Thursday 22 July 2010
Mr Peter Facey, Unlock Democracy; Dr Martin Steven, Electoral Reform Society; and Dr Michael Pinto-Duschinsky Ev 1

Tuesday 27 July 2010
Professor Ron Johnston, Bristol University, and Mr Robin Gray, former Boundary Commissioner for England Ev 17
Professor Patrick Dunleavy, Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, London School of Economics, and Professor Justin Fisher, Professor of Political Science, Brunel University Ev 26

Thursday 9 September 2010  
Bob Farrance, Secretary to the Boundary Commission for England, Liz Benson, Secretary to the Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland, Hugh Buchanan, Secretary to the Boundary Commission for Scotland, Edward Lewis, Secretary to the Boundary Commission for Wales Ev 35
Dr Roger Mortimore, Head of Political Research, Ipsos Mori, Dr Stuart Wilks-Heeg, Senior Lecturer of Social Policy, University of Liverpool Ev 42

Tuesday 14 September 2010
Jenny Watson, Chair of the Electoral Commission, Peter Wardle, Chief Executive of the Electoral Commission, Andrew Scallan, Director of Electoral Administration, Electoral Commission, Lisa Klein, Director of Party and Election Finance, Electoral Commission Ev 49

Thursday 16 September 2010

Mr Mark Harper MP, Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform, Cabinet Office

Ev 67

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