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1  Introduction

1. This short Report addresses unfinished business left over from work undertaken by the Procedure Committee in the last Parliament in the form of three reports which were not put to the House for debate or decision. These are the reports on select committee amendments, on explanatory statements on amendments to bills and on written parliamentary questions.[1] In all three cases the aim of our predecessor Committee was to enhance the effectiveness of parliamentary scrutiny. We have re-examined the first two proposals and concluded that they merit our continuing support and that of the House. In the case of written parliamentary questions, we have taken a fresh look at the implications of the rise in the number of questions and have put forward a new proposal for consideration.

1   Fifth Report from the Procedure Committee, Tabling of amendments by select committees, Session 2008-09 (HC 1104); Second Report from the Procedure Committee, Explanatory statements on amendments to bills, Session 2009-10 (HC 410); Third Report from the Procedure Committee, Written Parliamentary Questions, Session 2008-09 (HC 859)  Back

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Prepared 9 March 2011