Improving the effectiveness of parliamentary scrutiny: Various items - Procedure Committee Contents

5  Conclusions

57. The three sets of proposals in this report are designed to enhance the effectiveness of scrutiny by individual Members or by select committees. In all three cases the changes required could be implemented without amendments to the Standing Orders. A decision of the Speaker would be sufficient but because the proposals affect all Members, we intend to seek the endorsement of the House to the report. Should the House pass a resolution to agree or to note the report, we expect our recommendations to be speedily implemented. For our part, we undertake to report to the House at the appropriate moment on our findings and recommendations with relation to the experiments on WPQs and select committee amendments which we have advocated. Whilst it may fall to our successors to do the same for explanatory statements, we will of course keep a watching brief and will consider any difficulties to which we are alerted during the course of this Parliament.

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Prepared 9 March 2011