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Memorandum submitted by the Table Office (P60, 2010-11)

There are several ways in which the delivery of answers to Members electronically might be facilitated—not least of which is Government Departments emailing directly. Would it be possible for us to arrange a time to talk to the Committee informally about the work which is currently being undertaken in house to make questions and answer processes more efficient and responsive? We could then answer the Committee's questions immediately and also take note of its views in the development work. If the Committee is not content with this suggestion, the Table Office is happy to provide a further note.

You also asked about a weekly quota during recesses for questions for written answer. The current e-tabling system could not manage this without development work being undertaken. It is based on daily allocations at present and introducing the concept of weekly quotas would require substantial revision.

January 2011

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Prepared 9 March 2011