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Letter from Chair of the Committee to Sir John Chadwick, 10 September 2010


  As you will know, following the Minister's statement on 22 July about how he intended to proceed with regard to Equitable Life, the Ombudsman wrote to Members of Parliament on 26 July expressing her concern that your proposals would be an "unsafe and unsound basis on which to proceed".

Our predecessor Committee took a very close interest in this matter and shared her apprehension about the way in which the previous Government had responded to her recommendations.

As you are no doubt aware there is also much concern among Members of Parliament on behalf of those of their constituents who have been adversely affected by the events surrounding Equitable Life.

  It would help Members, in advance of announcement in the Spending Review next month, if you were to come before us and explain the approach you took in coming to your views and the reasons for it. We also need to you to set out in exact terms the specifics of your disagreements with the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

  It would be helpful too if, in advance of that session you could briefly set this out in writing. In particular the Committee would be interested to hear your views about her concern that you have misinterpreted central parts of her conclusions in her report of July 2008 which form the basis of some of the central parts of your own report and to what extent you have sought to resolve that difference with the Ombudsman.

  Can you tell us whether you have met Ann Abraham to discuss your differences?

  The Clerk of the Committee will be in touch with you shortly with a formal invitation for early October.

  I am also writing Ann Abraham and the Minister with a similar invitation.

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Prepared 15 October 2010