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Letter from Chair of the Committee to Paul Braithwaite, General Secretary, Equitable Members Action Group, 20 September 2010


  As you may know, during the Second Reading debate on the Equitable Life (Payments) Bill the Chair of the Public Administration Select Committee, Bernard Jenkin, announced that the Committee intends to hold a further, very short inquiry into the Government's response to the Ombudsman's recommendation on Equitable Life as soon as the House returns in October in order to elucidate the exact differences between the Ombudsman's recommendations, Sir John Chadwick's report and the Government's view.

The Committee would welcome a short written submission from EMAG to this inquiry. I note that you have already made a submission to HM Treasury on 6 September. Would you be content for the Committee to draw on this for their inquiry?

If instead you wish to provide a specific memorandum to the Committee I would be grateful for a short submission to be with me by Friday 1 October.

20 September 2010

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Prepared 15 October 2010