House of Commons Session 2010-11

Public Administration Committee - Written Evidence

CONTENTS: Good Governance and Civil Service Reform

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Matthew Cocks (GG 01)

Regulatory Policy Institute (GG 02)

CIPD (GG 03)

Christopher Hood and Martin Lodge (GG 04)

Martin Stanley (GG 05)

IFG (GG 06)

Network for the Post-Bureaucratic Age (GG 07)


Newbridge Partners (GG 09)

ACCA (GG 10)

Prof Flinders (GG 11)

PMI (GG12)

Reform (GG 13)

Professor David Richards and Professor Martin Smith (GG 14)

Professor Andrew Kakabadse (GG 15)

Rt Hon Francis Maude MP, Minister for Cabinet Office (GG 16)

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Prepared 12 May 2011