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Memorandum submitted by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills


1.   Confirmation whether or not new ministers each receive a copy of the "Principles of Scientific Advice to Government" when they are appointed

  On appointment, new Ministers are routinely sent a copy of the Ministerial Code by the Cabinet Secretary. While the most recent version of the Ministerial Code now includes a reference to the Principles of Scientific Advice to Government and the Principles were distributed to departments on publication in March, the letter sent to new Ministers following the election did not include a copy of the Principles themselves. We are now exploring the most appropriate way of ensuring that all Ministers have a copy of the Principles and that they are made available to new Ministers on appointment in the future.

2.   Submissions to the department from National Academies etc on the CSR

  In July 2008, Adrian Smith (Director General Science and Research) committed to external consultation in the run-up to the spending review, with a set of named, national bodies. This consultation is wide ranging.

  Adrian Smith asked the following bodies for advice:

    — The Royal Society.

    — The Royal Academy of Engineering.

    — The British Academy.

    — The Council for Science and Technology.

    — The Chief Scientific Advisers Committee.

    — The Confederation for British Industry.

    — The Academy of Medical Sciences.

  The copies of the responses which have been received from these organisations are attached as annex A.[1]

3.   The regional breakdown of funding across the UK

  A spreadsheet showing the regional breakdown of research income to HEIs across the UK from the Research Councils and the four Higher Education Funding Bodies is attached as annex B. Please note that the following data sources have been used, which are the most up to date data sources available:

    — for funding, HESA data covering 2008-09;

    — for population data, the UK census for 2001; and

    — for GVA, ONS data for 2007.

4.   Details of any evaluations that exist assessing the impact of "public dialogues" on the attitudes of the wider public

  In response to the Committee's request for "details of any evaluations that exist assessing the impact of `public dialogues' on the attitudes of the wider public", please find attached a paper on evaluation of the Sciencewise Dialogue projects that was presented to the Sciencewise Steering Group on 14 July (annex C).[2] This includes information on the impact of such dialogues on the wider public. It should be treated as a draft and not communicated further, but we thought it would be useful for the Committee to see that this evaluation work has been done. This, along with a summary evaluation of the BIS-funded Sciencewise programme itself, will form the basis of an Evaluation Report to be published in the Summer. This Evaluation Report will be made available to the Committee.

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

July 2010

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