The Reviews into the University of East Anglia's Climatic research Unit's E-mails - Science and Technology Committee Contents

Written evidence submitted by Bob Critcholow (UEA Reviews 05)

  I have been following the actions of this committee in the hopes that there would be a proper investigation into Climategate and it appears that the committee wants to sweep the issue under the rug. Where is the scientific consensus? There is none and a lot of the work cannot be replicated. You should know that by dragging your feet the public will never believe you. Were emails destroyed from UEA? The answer is we don't know since there was investigation into that. Did the "so called" scientists interfere with Peer Review? The answer is quite obvious when they said in the emails they would redefine what peer review was. Are we just supposed to sit back pay more money than is necessary on a science that can't be proven and some of the "so called" scientists wish to have their research remain in the dark. The public will continue to fight you until you wake up and smell the coffee and realize there must be real investigation done. None of the crap we have seen thus far. You have completely wasted the people's time. I'm not paying out money to help the third world countries. I'm on a limited income and be damned if I'll see politics and science get into bed with each other. You will simply have to wake up and do a proper investigation none have done anything thus far to make the public agree with the climate wackos. Climate does change, but since they can't predict weather, then how are they going to predict climate? They can't.

Bob Critcholow

September 2010

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Prepared 25 January 2011