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3  The candidates

10.  In the opinion of the panel, all those nominated met the minimum requirements for appointment as a nominated Commissioner. The panel's recommendations were therefore founded on its assessment of the extent to which each person nominated met the desirable requirements and on the instruction given to it to have regard to the overall composition of the Commission's Board, bearing in mind the need for the Commission to reflect so far as possible the diversity of the United Kingdom and its regions.

11.  In accordance with the legislation, the panel was invited to recommend one person from among those put forward by the leaders of each of the three main parties, and one from among those put forward by the leaders of all the smaller parties, giving a total of four recommendations.

12.  Following the conclusion of the Panel's work one of the recommended candidates, Baroness Gale, withdrew her candidacy. When the Speaker's Committee met to consider the panel's report, therefore, it agreed to put forward the remaining three candidates on the panel's shortlist together with Roy Kennedy (now Lord Kennedy of Southwark), a second candidate nominated by the Labour Party, who had also been found by the panel to meet the requirements for the post.

13.  The Committee is satisfied that the selection process was rigorous and was conducted with all due regard to the requirements of thoroughness, fairness and propriety. The Committee is grateful to Dame Denise Platt and her fellow Panel members.

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