Appointment of nominated Commissioners to the Electoral Commission - The Speaker's Committee Contents

4  Consultation with the parties

14.  In accordance with statute, the Speaker consulted the party leaders on the four candidates whom the Committee had agreed should be put forward. These candidates were:

  • Baroness Browning, nominated by the Conservative party, who was the MP for Tiverton and Honiton until the 2010 General Election;
  • David Howarth, nominated by the Liberal Democrats, who was the MP for Cambridge until the 2010 General Election;
  • Lord Kennedy of Southwark, nominated by the Labour party, who was the party's Director of Finance and Compliance; and
  • Rt. Hon. George Reid PC, nominated by the Scottish National Party, who was the MP for Clackmannan from 1974-1979 and Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament (non-party) from 2003-2007.

15.  With one exception, the responses received to the consultations were content with the proposed nominations. The Scottish National Party expressed concern about the proposal to put forward one of the candidates, Lord Kennedy of Southwark. The Committee, having fulfilled the requirements placed upon it by the statute, takes the view that it would not be appropriate to withhold the nominations from the consideration of the House. The Committee commends the appointments to the House.

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