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5  Terms and conditions of the appointments

16.  The posts of nominated Commissioner are discharged on a part-time basis, with a typical time commitment of three days per month. The Committee is recommending that the now standard term of four years be applied to these appointments, with the exception of the nominated Commissioner representing the smaller parties, who we suggest should be appointed for a term of two years. This shorter period of appointment will provide an opportunity for rotation between the parties, should that be desired. Like all the nominated Commissioners, the Commissioner representing the smaller parties will be eligible for reappointment at the end of a first term, subject to a positive recommendation from the Speaker's Committee and the approval of the House.

17.  Under the terms of the Political Parties and Elections Act 2009 nominated Commissioners are not eligible for the Chairmanship of the Commission. The rate of remuneration for the nominated Commissioners, like other Commissioners, will be determined according to the Order of the House of 13 July 2004.[7] A description of the duties and responsibilities of the nominated Commissioners is included at Appendix A. The biographical details of each candidate are included at Appendices B to E. The responses of party leaders to the statutory consultations are included at Annex F.

7   HC Deb vol 423 cc1379-1380. The order provides that the sum is uprated annually by the percentage by which the salary of a High Court judge having effect on that 1st April has increased compared to that having effect on the previous 1st April. The salary is currently £359 per relevant day, or £180 per half day. There was no increase in 2010-11 Back

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