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Appendix A: Duties and responsibilities of Commissioners

The Electoral Commission—Commissioner

Electoral Commissioners are responsible for:

  • Setting the overall strategic direction of the Commission and ensuring delivery of its strategic goals within the statutory framework and with the resources determined by Parliament to ensure public confidence in democracy.
  • Determining the process of regulation and how it is carried out within the Commission's remit. This may include deciding the appropriate response to significant breaches of the regulatory framework for political parties and candidates.
  • Setting the Commission's regulatory priorities and monitoring its regulatory activity in the areas of both party and election finance and electoral administration. This includes oversight of the publication of statutory election reports.
  • Ensuring efficient and effective use of public funds and that the Commission operates within the limits of its statutory authority to high standards of governance.
  • Serving as a member of the Commission's Remuneration Committee and, if required, such other committees as may be established from time to time. Commissioners are also responsible for the appointment of a Chief Executive and for reviewing his or her performance.
  • Participating in stakeholder relations and public affairs activities from time to time.
  • Performing any other roles or functions which the Commission asks them to discharge personally.

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