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Appendix C: Biographical details of David Howarth


University Reader in Private Law, University of Cambridge

Fellow, Clare College, Cambridge

Associate Fellow, Centre for Science and Policy, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Outline Career History (Public Life):

2005-2010: Member of Parliament for Cambridge

2009-2010: Member of the select committee on the reform of the House of Commons

2008-2010: Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary of State for Justice

2008: Liberal Democrat Shadow Solicitor-General

2006-2008: Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Energy

2005-2008: Member of the Constitutional Affairs/ Justice Select Committee

2005-2007: Member of the Environmental Audit Select Committee

2008-2010: Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary University Group

1992, 2001 and 2005: Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge

1997: Parliamentary Candidate for Peterborough

2000-2003: Leader, Cambridge City Council

1990-2003: Leader of Liberal Democrat Group, Cambridge City Council

1990-2000: Member of Liberal Democrat Federal Policy Committee and member of the Council of European Liberal Democrat and Reform Parties

1987-2004: Cambridge City Councillor for Castle Ward, Cambridge (elected 1987, 1991, 1995, 1999 and 2003)

1986: City Council Candidate, King's Hedges Ward, Cambridge

1986-2010: Executive Member, Cambridge Liberal Party/ Cambridge Liberal Democrats

Outline Career History (Non-public life):

1992-2005: University Lecturer, Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge, teaching member of Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, and Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge

2001: Visiting Professor, Washburn Law School, Kansas

2000-2001: Chair, Board of Scrutiny, University of Cambridge

1995: Butterworth's Prize (for new legal textbook)

1987-1992: University Assistant Lecturer, Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge, teaching member of Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge and Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge

1985-1987: William Senior Research Fellow in Comparative Law, Clare College, Cambridge

1985: Council of Europe Research Fellow

1984-1985: Acting Instructor, Yale College

1981-1983: Paul Mellon Fellow, Yale University


2010: Trustee, Collections Trust

2010: Honorary Councillor, Cambridge City Council


BA/MA (Cantab) (1st Class Hons, George Long Prize in Jurisprudence)

MA and MPhil (Yale)

LLM (Yale Law School)

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