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Appendix D: Biographical details of Lord Kennedy of Southwark


  • A strategic and dynamic senior manager with decision-making ability and an in-depth experience and understanding of working within a political environment.
  • An accomplished manager who has worked within the political arena for the last twenty-three years, both as an elected representative and member of Labour Party staff.
  • Possesses a high degree of specialist knowledge regarding the workings of Central, Local, Devolved and European Government developed through direct work experience, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of electoral & political regulation and legislation.
  • Experience of working with senior executives, elected representatives, stakeholders, and volunteers as a manager and member of many different national boards and committees.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with proven ability to forward plan and successfully deliver for a fast-moving membership based organisation.

Professional experience

Member of the House of Lords from 28 June 2010

Director of Finance and Compliance, The Labour Party, January 2006 to date[8]

Regional Director, The Labour Party, July 1998-December 2005

Covered East Midlands, South East and West Midlands regions

Regional Officer, The Labour Party, East Midlands, January 1994-July 1998

Regional Organiser, The Labour Party, July 1990-January 1994

Covered Coventry and Gravesend

Retail assistant & manager, clothing store, South London, January 1984-July 1990

Vocational experience

Justice of the Peace, appointed in 1999 no longer sitting due to work commitments

School Governor, currently and at various times over the last twenty-five years

Former Chair and current trustee, Labour Party Superannuation Society, 1995 to date

Company Director, Labour Party Properties Limited, 2006 to date

Company Director, Labour Party Nominees Limited, 2006 to date

Member of the Lionel Cooke Memorial Fund Trust Limited, 2009 to date

Associate member of the Association of Electoral Administrators, 2006 to date

Member of HS Chapman Society, 2006 to date

Councillor, London Borough of Southwark, 1986-1994

Deputy Leader and Chair of Highways Committee, London Borough of Southwark, 1988-1991

Honorary Alderman, London Borough of Southwark, appointed in June 2007

European Parliamentary Candidate, June 2009

8   I have made arrangements to leave the employment of the Labour Party on Thursday 30 September 2010. Back

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