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59.  Letter to Ms Nadine Dorries MP from the Commissioner, 1 July 2010

I have now heard back from the final witness, [neighbour 1], from whom I had asked for further evidence in the light of your response to his initial evidence to me.

I sent you on 23 February this witness's letter of 22 January, my letter to him of 2 February and his response of 18 February. You commented on his letter in your letter to me of 1 March and again in your letter of 15 March. I said in my letter to you of 25 March that, in the light of your comments, I would shortly be writing to him to put to him the suggestion in your letter of 15 March that he was stretching the facts with the encouragement from [ a reporter]. I wrote to this witness on 18 May, once I had recommenced my inquiries following the start of the new Parliament. I attach a copy of that letter. The witness responded to my letter on 9 June. I attach a copy of that letter, together with its attachments. I decided I needed to ask him about one further point to deal with one of the suggestions you had made about his evidence, and I wrote to him about that on 15 June. I attach a copy of that letter. The witness responded with his letter of 24 June, which I received on 1 July. I enclose a copy of that letter.

As you can see, the witness takes issue with a number of points you have made about him and his evidence. He suggests that he saw and heard you on numerous occasions over a two year period; that the properties are contiguous; he has only ever owned one property in France which he purchased at the end of 2008; he spent just one week in Portugal in 2009; and finally, that none of his comments have been influenced by a reporter from the Daily Telegraph or by any other persons.

I would welcome any comments you may wish to make on this witness's response. Subject to your response, I will then need to decide, in fairness, whether I need to show those comments to the witness. Otherwise, I believe I have taken all the evidence I need from witnesses. The remaining matters are set out in my letter to you of 28 June and its attachments. Once I receive your response to these two letters, and again subject to what you say, I would hope that that would conclude my inquiry and I can then complete the drafting of the factual sections of my memorandum for the Committee. I would show you these sections so that you can comment on their factual accuracy.

1 July 2010

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Prepared 21 October 2010