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72.  Letter to the Commissioner from Ms Nadine Dorries MP, 27 July 2010

The only response I can give you with regard to your question regarding my overnight stays is as I have maintained throughout. When Parliament is sitting I spend the weeknights in my constituency home. I spend weekends and recess at home. I am a mother and have a dependent relative. Last year I had [reference to family circumstances]. My pattern is not absolute or always the same. I am not prepared to give you any absolute figure in terms of numbers regarding where I sleep as I cannot be 100% certain that it would be truthful to do so.

I am aware that this may not be tidy enough for your report; however, my pattern of nights is truthful. Confirming any specific number would not be and therefore I am afraid that it makes little difference how often you ask me the same question, I can only answer what I know to be correct and that is how I divide my time and my general pattern of nights.

I think I have almost jumped through hoops in order to provide you with absolutes and I am afraid that I have to say given that you know and are aware of my pattern it is wrong of you to try and persuade me confirm a definite number. I do realise that it would make life much easier for me to do this, however, it is not right to do so unless I am completely sure.

Frankly, you could put together a dozen tables of nights with small variations either side and any one could be the right one.

With regard to [neighbour 1]; he states in his first letter that he could see me through the dining room window. When the large hedge is pointed out changes this to the fact that he could hear me.

I take your point that his evidence will be balanced out against others, however, his evidence is a lie and I feel very, very strongly that a malicious person who has lied should be given any consideration whatsoever.

My blog is back online and therefore you can access anything you wish.

I look forward to your report.

27 July 2010

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