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17.  Letter to the Commissioner from Rt Hon Andrew Mackay, 12 February 2010

Thank you for your response of 26th January raising some additional questions. As you will appreciate I have needed to devote time to the Legg recommendations and subsequent appeal which have now been published. I will therefore require a little more time to see if I can find any more relevant information to answer questions one and three. Meanwhile it might be helpful if I answered the remaining questions as follows:-

Two. The only dependent child living with us is our nine year old son [name] who attends school in London. He would normally move with his mother between [the London and Bromsgrove properties]. As mentioned in my initial response it is easy to commute between [the Bromsgrove property] and my constituency with the route being virtually all motorway or dual carriageway. The estimated figures I supplied to you show that I spend slightly more nights in [the Bromsgrove property] than [the London property]. There would be some Sunday nights and days in the September recess (when [our son] is back at school) that I remain in [Bromsgrove] to attend to family commitments, mentioned in my previous reply, whilst my wife has returned to the London property with [our son].

Four. This is quite straightforward. As previously mentioned in my last reply I took advice about ACA arrangements from [the then Head of the Fees Office] soon after marrying Julie Kirkbride. However MPs were only required to inform the Fees Office they shared accommodation with another MP at a much later date. As I answered in my last response I could not believe this referred to married couples as it was self evident so I did not register the fact at that time.

Five. I have always claimed for the full mortgage interest on my second home.

I will revert back to you on the remaining two questions after I return from the half term recess.

12 February 2010

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