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19.  Letter to the Commissioner from Rt Hon Andrew Mackay, 8 March 2010

Further to your response of 15th February what you surmise is nearly correct. However for the avoidance of any doubt let me confirm that my pattern of overnight stays is broadly the same as my wife's except for some Sunday nights periodically around the year and some nights during the September recess when I would be at [the Bromsgrove property] attending to matters relating to my aforementioned elderly relatives whilst my wife is in London as our little boy is attending school. I would just add that from time to time I might be away on golfing trips when more often than not my wife and son would remain at the London property.

Turning to Question Three in your letter of 26th January let me refer you back to the second and third paragraph of my letter to you dated 21st January. Julie was first elected in May 1997 and we were married on 1st August that year. We purchased [the Bromsgrove property] that September so my best estimate of the date of my meeting with [the then Head of the Fees Office] would be around that time. I clearly recall him concluding that meeting by stating he would place this arrangement on file. It was not my experience that such matters were put in writing at that time. However at all times we declared our second and main home addresses to the Fees Office in a totally transparent way. This was never queried.

Finally in respect of Question One as previously mentioned these were best estimates for 2009 based on recent memory.

8 March 2010

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