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23.  Letter to the Commissioner from Rt Hon Andrew Mackay, 25 March 2010

I write to acknowledge receipt of your letter of the 24th March with its enclosures. I can only conclude that this correspondence now takes us back to square one and is proof of my original point that I am facing triple jeopardy on an issue that has already been adjudicated twice by Sir Thomas Legg and Sir Paul Kennedy.

I will for the record state that I do not agree with their findings, but have, along with my wife, repaid £58,486 as we were requested to do following their interpretation of the rules.

I read with interest [the Director of Strategic Projects'] response to your inquiries which, whilst accepting the outcome of the official House of Commons inquiry, nevertheless appeared sympathetic to my case. [The Director] acknowledges that we were given this advice by his Department, that our declarations were made openly, that it was reasonable for me to think that the Department had no difficulty with the arrangement and that their inaction gave me comfort in making the claims.

I would therefore assume that you will deem this matter concluded.

25 March 2010

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Prepared 21 October 2010