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28.  Letter to Rt Hon Andrew Mackay from the Commissioner, 10 June 2010

Thank you for coming to our interview meeting on 9 June. I was most grateful for your help with this inquiry. The note-taker will be sending you the draft note of the meeting as agreed.

I said when we met that I had not taken evidence from the then Head of the Fees Office since I did not consider that necessary. Having reviewed your oral evidence, however, and noted the emphasis which you have put on your discussion with him, I have concluded that I ought to put the points you made to me to the then Head of the Fees Office to see if he is able to confirm your recollection of the discussion.

I will show you his response when I receive it.

There was one further matter which also arose from your evidence. You confirmed that you moved to your current Westminster home in September 1999. That was some two years after your discussion with the Fees Office in September 1997. Your evidence is that during that meeting you described the accommodation in your current London home. That would have clearly not have been possible. Could you confirm that in fact you described the accommodation in your previous London home, and can you let me know what that accommodation was?

If you could let me have a response to this within the next two weeks, that would be most helpful.

10 June 2010

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