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36.  Letter to the former Head of the Fees Office from the Commissioner, 14 July 2010

I am writing to show you the responses I have received from Rt Hon Andrew Mackay to the evidence which you provided on 18 June about a meeting with Mr Mackay in September 1997 and a telephone conversation with him in May 2009.

I enclose a copy of Mr Mackay's e-mail to me of 6 July and an extract from his e-mail of 13 July. As you will see, he has not modified his recollection of your meeting in September 1997 in the light of your evidence. He has, however, made clear that he and his wife moved into the Bromsgrove property on completion (according to the Land Registry the sale date was September 1997) and lived there whilst refurbishment was carried out, rather than setting up home there sometime in 1998 as you suggested. He has also said that you told him in the telephone conversation of May 2009 that you could no longer recall the details of their case. He disputes that he asked you for "retrospective" authority but instead, asked you to confirm his "very clear" recollection of your conversation in September 1997. He said that the statement you made that "I cannot imagine that they would have different main homes" was contrary to the advice you gave him in September 1997, although it could well be the view you hold today.

I would be grateful to know whether you wish to comment on Mr Mackay's response or in any way modify the evidence you gave me on 18 June. It would be very helpful if you could let me have any comments within the next two weeks. I will, of course, copy your response to Mr Mackay.

I would greatly appreciate your continued help on this matter.

14 July 2010

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