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47.  Further e-mail to the Commissioner from Rt Hon Andrew Mackay, 13 August 2010

Thank you for sending me a copy of your further question which I clearly remember and thought I had answered. As I cannot check for two weeks let me answer anyway.

When I rang [the former Head of the Fees Office] in May 2009 he told me that after giving informal evidence in another case he had been told by "the House Authorities" not to speak to Members. He added he could not recall what advice he gave me but afterwards would have made a file note to assist his staff.

As this made no material difference to my case it never occurred to me to mention the conversation. In retrospect as since mentioned to you twice I now see it adds to my case as on a traumatic morning my first thought was to gain confirmation from [the former head of the Fees Office]. I completely refute that there was anything in this conversation to weaken my case there was just not the confirmation I had hoped for.

13 August 2010

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