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51.  Agreed Note of evidence from the former Head of the Fees Office, 29 August 2010

This letter [to the former Head of the Fees Office from the Commissioner's office][195] includes extracts from two e-mails from Mr Mackay. I prefer the version of 13 August which I believe is more accurate.

In all honesty I could not be expected to remember what I said, verbatim, in September 1997. But I know, however, what advice I would have given in September 1997 and what advice I could not have possibly given. There is no way I could concur with Mr Mackay's view.

I cannot recall the exact words I used in May 2009 but I know that I told Mr Mackay that I had retained no papers. I know I did not mention the Parliamentary Commissioner, as Mr Mackay said in his e-mail of 6 July.

In relation to the Commissioner's letter of 12 August I am fully appreciative that the Commissioner must come to his own conclusions on this inquiry.

I confirm that this is an accurate record of my evidence.

29 August 2010

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