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53.  Letter to the Director of Strategic Projects from the Commissioner, 2 September 2010

Thank you for your letter of 24 August responding to my letter of 12 August and to the letter from my office of 20 August.

I was most grateful for this response. Before copying it to Mr Mackay I would be grateful for clarification on one point. I note that from 1997 to 2003 Members were required only to identify their main home on a nomination form completed when they were first elected (although I believe they may have been required also to identify whether their additional expenses were incurred in London or their constituency). But is it the case that Members did not identify the location and address of their main home or their second home in the regular claim forms they submitted against the ACA? If so, it would appear that while the Department might have seen in 1997 that Mr Mackay and Ms Kirkbride had different main home nominations, they would not have known from the nominations on their forms until 2003 that Mr Mackay was making claims on a property which was also Ms Kirkbride's main home (and vice versa). It would be very helpful if you could confirm your understanding of the position within the next week so that I can then show your response to Mr Mackay.

2 September 2010

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