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61.  Extract from the Report by Sir Thomas Legg on his ACA Review, 1 February 2010: Ms Julie Kirkbride[199]

Ms Kirkbride is married to another MP. She designated her constituency home as her second home, while her husband nominated it as his main home. She designated her husband's second home, a flat in London, as her main home. This meant that, between them, the couple had no main home which was not funded by the ACA. Throughout the five years of the review period, they both claimed at or close to the full allowance to support their two homes. These arrangements obtained a financial benefit for the couple which appears unintended under the Green Book rules, and as such contrary to the principles governing it. Had they made different designations, each MP might reasonably have claimed up to two-thirds of the full allowance on a shared second home. On this footing, each of them was overpaid by one-third of the maximum ACA for each year of the review period. This is £29,243.

In May 2008, Ms Kirkbride extended the mortgage on her designated second home to fund the construction of an additional bedroom, mainly for the use of her brother to provide childcare for her family. The total interest paid under the ACA to fund the additional loan was £2,584.26. As these payments were used to provide accommodation for a non-dependent family member, the transaction was conflicted.

Total repayment recommended: £31,827.26

Reduced on appeal by: £2,584.26

Total repayments received since 1 April 2009: £29,243.00

Balance recommended to be repaid: £0.00

199   Published as Appendix 1 to the First Report of the Members Estimate Committee, Session 2009-10 (HC 348) Back

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Prepared 21 October 2010