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65.  Extract from BBC News Article, 24 May 2009

Expenses row MP faces more claims

Tory MP Julie Kirkbride has been accused of allowing her brother to live rent free in her taxpayer-funded home.

The News of the World alleges Ian Kirkbride, 49, registered a business to the flat in a Bromsgrove stately home.

The Bromsgrove MP said her brother was sometimes there to look after her son and the claims were a "distortion".

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The newspaper says Ms Kirkbride has been claiming over £1,000 a month in mortgage payments on the apartment in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire—plus thousands of pounds for maintenance.

Family support

But in a statement, she said: "My brother, Ian, stays in my Bromsgrove apartment and in my London home from time to time to help look after my son.

"I claim no expenses for my brother and neither do I pay him or claim for his help. He also acts as a volunteer in helping me with my office work and administration.

"Up and down the country families have their relatives stay with them and get them to help with things like childcare.

"Ian has his own home but prefers to stay with me and help me.

"There is no cost to the taxpayer in the arrangement and there is nothing for me to apologise for.

"To describe this arrangement as my brother living rent-free is a total distortion."

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