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76.  Letter to Ms Julie Kirkbride from the Commissioner, 18 May 2010

Now that the new Parliament has assembled, I am writing to confirm that I am resuming my work on this complaint, and to ask whether you could give me the name and address of the gardener at your Bromsgrove property.

During the Dissolution of Parliament, I reviewed the evidence which I have collected in relation to this complaint. I see from the complainant's initial letter of 30 October that he refers to evidence in an unidentified newspaper article which suggests that there is a witness who believes that your brother was a permanent resident at your Bromsgrove property. The complainant could not identify the press report. I have subsequently identified it as being in the attached article from the News of the World of 24 May 2009.[208]

I recognise that this evidence is directly contrary to the evidence which you and your brother have provided. I think that, having identified the article referred to by the complainant, I do need to check, if at all possible, with the reported evidence of the gardener. I would, therefore, be grateful if you could as soon as possible provide me with the name and address of that potential witness so that I can write to him about it.

Finally, when I wrote to you about this on 29 March, I noted that I would need to consider this complaint alongside the complaint against your husband, Mr Andrew Mackay. I will be seeing Mr Mackay early next month, and hope that that will be enable me to bring both inquiries to an conclusion. I will be in touch with you after I have seen Mr Mackay.

If you could let me have the information about your gardener within the next few days, I would be most grateful.

18 May 2010

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