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Appendix 2: Email to the Committee from Mr Andrew Mackay, 15 October, 2010

Thank you for sending me the Parliamentary Commissioner's Memorandum. Whilst not wishing to give formal evidence I would appreciate the Clerk ensuring Members of your Committee see this e-mail.

I am pleased to note that in his conclusions the Commissioner:—

  • accepts that I did not seek, at any stage, to disguise my ACA arrangements.(231)
  • states it is reasonable to conclude that at all times my wife believed we were acting on the advice of the then Head of the Fees Office.(231)
  • states that when a member has more than one home their main home is normally where they spend the most nights and he accepts my estimate that I spent slightly more nights in our Bromsgrove home. (237)
  • believes I have paid a high price for a misjudgement (250)
  • states it is perhaps understandable that as a busy politican I never reviewed the original decision.(250)
  • notes that my arrangements were openly declared and the Department fairly accepted that it was reasonable that from their silence there was no problem. (247)

I would finally draw the Committee's attention to the Factual Section of the Commissioner's Memorandum and my e-mail to him on 12th September where I have set out why I believe I acted within the rules and in good faith.

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Prepared 21 October 2010