Session 2010-11
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Written evidence from Piers Corbyn (AWC 27)

I have evidence which may be of interest to the Transport Committee's investigation into the crisis consequent on the extremely harsh December 2010 weather most of which I have also made available to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson just after the closure of Heathrow in December due to snow.

The point I would make through this enclosed information and any committee appearance - which I would be happy to do if so asked - is that Extreme weather which is hazardous to the UK public and the economy is forecastable at a high level of skill, detail and applicability many months ahead and what is likely to develop in terms of year on year weather, cycles of extremes and climate over the next 25 years is also now forecastable to a high level of skill and confidence.

Use of our forecasts by Government, local authorities and emergency services can, through better forewarning, reduce transport and other suffering via road, rail and air, save cost to the economy and save lives.

I attach1

1. WeatherAction initial forecast note issued May 2010 for snowy December

2. WeatherAction Essence of winter sponsored forecast issued Nov 2010

3. WeatherAction Dec2010 detailed forecast for an extremely cold and snowy December - 'probably coldest December in 100 years' (which was confirmed) issued Nov 2010

4. For current interest our prediction of the simultaneous superstorms in USA & Australia end Jan / start Feb

5. Background info Presentation PowerPoint 6mb pdf of wider issues covering our solar-lunar forecasting process and likely ongoing cooling of World and UK climate for coming 25 years carries further information including independent verification of our high level of forecasting skill.

February 2011

[1] Attachments not printed