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6 Conclusion

113.  The Spending Review cycle has been changed, so there will now be allocations over a four-year, rather than a three-year, period. This review is effectively the spending plan for the Government's first term. However, as we have seen, although it sets out a clear overall trajectory for public spending over the period, it does so when major policy changes are expected. There will be significant challenges in implementing such changes. In addition, the approach to central control of policy delivery has changed. This is manifest both in changes to the way in which departmental performance is assessed, and in changes to controls over local government expenditure. The Government, like other governments before it, is attempting to increase public sector efficiency and productivity.

114.  We expect that our fellow committees will look closely both at policy changes, and at the new departmental business plans. We ourselves expect that a large part of our work over the course of the Parliament will be to monitor the effects of government policy both on growth, and on the overall pattern of public expenditure.

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Prepared 26 November 2010