Standing Orders of the House of Commons - Public Business 2012   Contents

(References are to Standing Order numbers and Appendix pages)

Act of Parliament, proceedings under, length of debate, 16


amendments tabled during, 64


half-hour, 9(7)

Northern Ireland Grand Committee, 116(5)

scope of,

references to legislation, 30

Scottish Grand Committee, 99 100(6)

Welsh Grand Committee, 108(5)

dilatory motion, 34 35 83I(6)

general committees, 89(3)(c)

disorder, by Speaker because of, 46

earlier meeting during, 13

Friday to Monday, 11(6)

motion lapses at moment of interruption, 9(3)

papers presented during, 158 159

periodic, 25

select committees,

reports &c. during, 137

sittings during, 123

Thursday to Monday, 12(2)

when movable, 9(2)

without question put, 9(7)

Administration Committee, 139

Affirmation, 5 6

select committee witnesses, 132

Aids and supplies, Bills of, not to be brought from Lords, 80

Allocation of time orders, 83

Business Committee, 82

business sub-committees, 120

programming of bills, 83I 83A

Allotted days,

bills, 82 120

estimates, 54(1)

opposition business, 14(2)


bills, to,

powers of committees to consider, 65

receipt of during adjournment, 64

report stage, when authorisation required, 75

Amendments continued,

third reading, must be merely verbal, 77

early day motions, to, receipt of, 22(2)

general committees, referred to, 89(3)(a)

Lords, 78

pecuniary penalties, and, 79

non-sitting Fridays, tabled on, 12(3)

notice period in public bill committees, Appendix p 186,

Queen’s Speech debate, at end of, 33

question to be proposed on, 31

selection of, 32

in general committees, 89(3)(a)

Speaker’s election, not allowed, 1B(14)

Anticipation rule, 28

Appropriation Bills,

committal procedure does not apply, 63(1)

proceedings on, 56

Backbench Business Committee, 152J

election, 122D


election of Deputy Speakers, 2A

election of select committee chairs, 122B

election of Speaker, 1B

private Members’ bills, 14(6)

Bills, hybrid, 61

Bills, private,

committees, service of suspended Member on, 45(2)

pecuniary penalties, &c., imposed by Lords, 78

public money standing orders, and, 53

when taken, 9(1) 11(1) 20

Bills, provisional order,

committal procedure does not apply, 63(1)

hybridity rules do not apply, 61

public money standing orders, and, 53

Bills, public,

See also Committee of the whole House; Committees, public bill,

allocation of time to, 83

amendments. See under Amendments,

carry-over, 80A

clause, new, 69

Bills, public continued,

clause or schedule standing part, debate on, 68

general committees, in, 89(3)(c)

committal, 63

motions subject to selection, 32(4)

programme orders, under, 83A 84A(2)

committees’ powers to consider amendments, 65

consideration of report. See subheading report stage,

Consolidated Fund or Appropriation, proceedings on, 56

committal procedure does not apply, 63(1)

consolidation, 58

joint committee, 140

Examiners, referred to, 61

first reading, 57 57A

hybrid, 61

introduction of, 57

Law Commission bills, 59

and consolidation, 140(1)(d)–(1)(e)

long title amended, 65

Lords, brought from, 57A

pecuniary penalties, 79

private Members, by, 14(7)(c)

privilege, 80

public charge, creating, 50(2)

Lords amendments and reasons, 78

pecuniary penalties, 79

programming, 83F 83G 83H

money and ways and means resolutions on, 52

preamble postponed, 67

presentation, 57

printing, 57 57A

private Members’,

ballot, 14(6)

days for, 14(4)

precedence, 14(5)–(8)

ten-minute rule, 23

unprinted, 14(9) 90(2)

writs and, 19

programming, 83A–I

proposal of question, motions for, 29

public charge as main purpose, 50

Bills, public continued,

re-committal, 72 74

motions subject to selection, 32(4)

report stage,

amendments requiring authorisation, 75

as amended in committee of whole House, 71 72

general committee, referred for consideration in, 92

public bill committee, bills reported from, 73

Scottish, 97

public bill committees, see Committees, public bill, Scottish,

second reading,

amendments to question, 62

amendment to leave out ’now’, 31(1)

bill considered in Northern Ireland Grand Committee, 113

bill considered in Scottish Grand Committee, 97(6)

bill considered in Welsh Grand Committee, 106

second reading committee, 90

Law Commission bills, 59

tax law rewrite bills, 60

tax law rewrite bills, 60

committal discharged, 60(8) 66

committal procedure does not apply, 63(1)

joint committee, 152C

temporary laws, duration to be specified, 81

third reading,

amendments to bill must be merely verbal, 77

amendments to question, 62

amendment to leave out ’now’, 31(1)

bill considered in Northern Ireland Grand Committee, 113

bill considered in Scottish Grand Committee, 97

Wales, relating to,,

public bill committee composition, 86(2)(ii) 92(2)

Welsh Grand Committee, and, 106

ways and means resolution, brought in on, exempted, 15(1)(a)

Broadcasting, Select Committee on, 139

Budget Day, and ten-minute rule bills, 23(3)

Business, Innovation and Skills Committee, 152

Business Committee, 82

Business of the House,

See also Private Business,

arrangement of, 14 27

Business of the House continued,

earlier meeting of House, at, 13(2)

exemption motions, 15(2)–(6)

government business has precedence, 14(1)

interruption of, 9(3)

and closure motions, 9(4)

and exemption motions, 15(2)–(6)

on Fridays, 11(2)(b)

not reached or disposed of, 9(5)

opposed, when taken after moment of interruption, 9(6) 15(1)

opposition parties, 14(2)–(3)

order of, 9

Fridays, 11

private Members’, 14(4)–(8)

Business sub-committees, 120

Carry-over of bills, 80A

Chairman of Ways and Means, 2 3

See also Committee of the whole House, Deputy Speaker,

Business Committee, and, 82

Committees, public bill,

election of, 2A

member of Panel of Chairs, 4(2)

private business, and, 20

programming committees, and, 83B

requests Temporary Chairs to take Chair, 4(1)


Panel, 4(2) 85(3) 85(4)

Westminster Hall sittings, 10(5)

temporary, 4

may not,

accept closure, 36(3)

accept motion to propose question, 29(2)

select amendments, 32(2)

Church of England Measures, 118(4)(b)

Clauses, see under Bills, Public,

Clerk at the Table,

absence of Speaker, &c., notifies, 3

amendments to consolidation bills, receives, 58(2)

Lords bills, notified that Member will take charge, 14(7) 50(2) 57A(1) 80A(1)(b)

Clerk at the Table continued,

orders of the day,

reads, 26

receives instructions to defer, 9(5)

petitions, reads, 154(3)

private Members’ bills, receives nomination of another Member to present, 14(6)

Clerk of the House,

petitions, and, 156

select committee reports, and, 134

supervises ballot to elect Speaker, 1A

Closure of debate, 36

at interruption of business, 9(4)

general committees, in, 89(3)(b)

temporary chair may not accept, 85(5)

majority required, 37

Committees, general,

adjournment of, 88(2)

amendments (referral and selection), 89(3)(a)

business sub-committees, 120

chairs, 85

closure, 89(3)(b)

constitution and membership, 84 86

debate on clause or schedule standing part, 89(3)(c)

definition of, 84

delegated legislation, 118

dilatory motions, 83I(6) 89(3)(c)

division in House, sitting suspended for, 89(4)

irrelevance or repetition, 89(3)(c)

law officers, attendance of, 87

meetings, 88. See also Northern Ireland Scottish and Welsh Grand Committees,

ministers, attendance of, 87

minutes of proceedings of, 89(3)(d) 89(5) 128 129

public, members of, admission of, 89(2) 91 161(2)

quorum, 89(1) 89(3)(d) 117(4) 119(4)

See also Northern Ireland, Scottish and Welsh Grand Committees,

Regional Affairs, 97(5)

report stage, for, 92

second reading committee, 90

Law Commission bills, 59

Committees, general continued,

tax law rewrite bills, 60

Wales, bills relating to, for, 92(2)

Committees, grand, see Northern Ireland Grand Committee, Regional Grand Committees, Scottish Grand Committee, Welsh Grand Committee,

Committees, joint,

Human Rights, 152B

motions to commit bills to, 63(2)

National Security Strategy, 152I

Statutory Instruments, 151

Tax Law Rewrite Bills, 152C

Committees, private bill, service of suspended Member on, 45(2)

Committees, public bill,

See also Committees, general,

amendments, notice period, Appendix p 186,

conclusion of proceedings under programme order, 83D

power to send for persons, papers and records, 63 84A(3)

under a programme motion, 83A 84A(2)

private members’ bills, restrictions and nomination, 84A(5)

programming sub-committees, 83C

Scottish, 84A(4)

committal to, 97(5)

membership, 86(2)(i)

Wales, bill relating to, for, 86(2)(ii)

Committees, second reading, see under Committees, general,

Committees, select,

See also names of particular committees,


election of, 122B

joint sittings, for, 137A(1)(d)

resignation or removal of, 122C

term limits, for, 122A

committal of bill to, 63(2)

documents, withdrawal or alteration of, 127

evidence, communication to other committees, other Parliaments etc., 137A(1)

evidence, publication before reporting to House, 136

joint meetings, 137A

quorum at, 124(2)

lists of members, 122

Members not on committee, withdrawal of, 126

Committees, select continued,

memoranda, authorising of publishing, 135

minutes of evidence,

members’ names recorded in, 130 131

power to report, 133

minutes of proceedings, 129

members’ names for attendance and voting, 128

nomination of, 121

motions at commencement of public business, 23(1)

opposed motions for,

exempted business, 15(1)(c)

on Fridays, 11(2)(c)

oath or affirmation, 132

public, members of,

admission of, 125

misconduct by, 161(2)

quorum, 124


advance copies of, 134

debates on, in Westminster Hall, 10(13)

during adjournments, 137

joint, 137A

power to make, 133

sittings during adjournment, 123

witnesses’ names, publication of, 135

working with other committees, 137A

Committee of the whole House,


leaves chair, 70

at 11 a.m. on Fridays, 11(5)

temporary, 4(1)

closure of debate, 36

committal of bills to, 63(2)

conclusion of proceedings under programme order, 83D

debate on clause or schedule standing part, 68

dilatory motions, 34 35 83I(6)

disorderly conduct, 43 44

divisions in, 38–40 41A

instructions to, 66

interruption of business, 9(3)

irrelevance or repetition, 42

Committee of the whole House continued,

motions to commit a bill to, 63(2) 63(3)

motions to propose question in, 29

order of the day for, procedure on, 66

private sittings, motions for, 163

reports from, 70 71

selection of amendments, 32(2)–(4)

Communities and Local Government Committee, 152

Consolidated Fund Bills,

committal procedure does not apply, 49 63(1)

proceedings on, 56

Consolidation, &c., Bills, 58

Joint Committee on, 140


See also Ministers, Queen’s Recommendation,

Debts to, releasing or compounding, require resolution, 49

Culture, Media and Sport Committee, 152


See also Anticipation rule, Closure, Dilatory motions, Disorder, Emergency debates, Second Speeches, Short Speeches, Time limits on speeches, Topical debates.,

motions to adjourn, 34 35

on specified matters, lapse, 9(3)

Defence Committee, 152

Defence services Vote, 55

Delegated legislation,

debates in House, 16

delegated legislation committees, 118

Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments, 151

negative procedure, 11(3) 17 115

Fridays, 11(3) 115

Northern Ireland consolidation legislation, 140(1)(f)

Northern Ireland Grand Committee, 114 115

notification of instruments not laid, 159 160

regulatory reform orders, 18 141

remedial orders, 152B

Scottish Grand Committee, 3 98

Deputy Chairmen, 2 3

See also Committee of whole House,

members of Panel of Chairs, 4(2)

Deputy Speaker,

See also Chairman of Ways and Means,

earlier meeting of House, summons, 13(3)

election, 2A

leaves chair when Speaker to be elected, 1

powers, 3

selection of amendments, 32

Westminster Hall, 10(4) 10(5)

Dilatory motions, 34

general committees, in, 89(3)(c)

lapse at moment of interruption, 9(3)

programming, under, 83I(6)

Speaker’s powers, 35


public, members of, by, 161

Speaker’s powers, 43–6

Divisions, 38–9

deferred, 41A

general committee sitting suspended for, 89(4)

members voting to be listed (committees), 89(3)(d) 128

quorum, 41

unnecessarily claimed, 40

Education Committee, 152

Elections, opposed writs for, on private Members’ days, 19

Emergency debates, 24

Energy and Climate Change Committee, 152

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, 152

Environmental Audit Committee, 152A

opinions on European Union documents, 143(12)


consideration of, 54 145(3)

exemption motion, effect on, 15(2)

House of Commons Members Estimate Committee, 152D

selection of amendments, 32(5)

voting on, 55

European Scrutiny Committee, 143

European Union documents,

definition and scrutiny, 143

length and debate, 16

resolution regarding scrutiny and ministerial agreement, Appendix p 183,

Examiners of Petitions, referral of public bills, 61

Excess votes, 55(3)(c)

Finance and Services Committee, 144

considers recommendations involving expenditure, 139(1) 144(1)(c)

Foreign Affairs Committee, 152


House not sitting, 12

sittings, 11

General Committees, see Committees, General,

Government departments, select committees related to, 152

opinions on European Union documents, 143(12)

Grand Committees, see Northern Ireland Grand Committee, Regional Grand Committees, Scottish Grand Committee, Welsh Grand Committee,

Guillotines, see Allocation of time,

Health Committee, 152

Health Service Commissioners, 146

Home Affairs Committee, 152


See also Adjournment, Business of the House,

earlier meeting, 13

estimates of expenditure, and domestic committees, 139(1) 144(1)(a)

Fridays, non-sitting, 12

hour of meeting, 9(1)

Fridays, 11

when ballot held to elect Speaker, 1B(14)

private sittings, motions for, 163

quorum, 41

suspension for grave disorder, 46

Westminster Hall sittings, 10

House of Commons Commission,

advice to, 145(1)(b)

communication of evidence to, 139(4)(c) 144(4)(b)

recommendations to, 139(1)

House of Commons Members Estimate Committee, 152D

Human Rights, Joint Committee on, 152B


selection of, 32(4)

Instructions continued,

to committee on bill, when considered, 66

to particular select committees, 151(10) 151(9)

Intelligence and Security Committee, 152E

International Development Committee, 152

Irrelevance in debate, 42

general committees, 89(3)(c)

Joint committees, see Committees, joint,

Justice Committee, 152

Law Commission bills, 59

and consolidation, 140(1)(d) 140(1)(e)

Law officers,

attendance at Committee on Standards and Privileges, 149(9)

attendance at general committees, 87(1)

Legislative reform orders, proceedings in House, 18

Liaison Committee, 145

debates on select committee reports in Westminster Hall, 10(13)

estimates, 54(1)–(3)

membership, Appendix p 187,

Lords, House of,

See also under Bills, public; see also Committees, joint, 57A(2)

Lords may attend private sittings of Commons, 163(2)

select committees, Commons Members’ evidence to, 138

Measures, Church of England, 118(4)(b)


disorder by, 43

financial interests and conduct, complaints on, 149 150

irrelevance or tedious repetition by, 42

standing committees, in, 89(3)(c)

Lords select committees, attendance at, 138

members of the public, not to bring into certain areas, 162

named, 44

oath or affirmation, 5 6

personal explanations (Fridays), 11(4)

presiding over Speaker’s election, 1

questions to, 21

seats, reserving of, 7 8

select committees, withdrawal of non-nominated, 126

Members continued,

sub judice resolution, breach of, 42A

suspended, 44 45

effect on salary, 45A

Members’ Allowances, Committees on, 152G


See also Statements,

attendance at,

general committees on certain bills, 87(2)

Northern Ireland Grand Committee, 109(4)

Scottish Grand Committee, 93(3)

Welsh Grand Committee, 102(4)

reply to petitions, 156

Minutes of Proceedings,

general committees, 89(3)(d) 89(5)

select and general committees, 128 129

Money, public,

private bills, &c., application of standing orders to, 53

Queen’s recommendation, 48

resolutions required, 49

Money resolutions on bills, 52

Lords amendments not covered by, 78(3)


for early day, amendments and added names to, 22(2)

subject to selection, 32(4)

National Audit Office, evidence from, transmission to other committees, 137A

National Security Strategy (Joint Committee), 152I

New clauses, 69

Northern Ireland, Parliamentary Ombudsman for, 146

Northern Ireland Affairs Committee, 152

Northern Ireland Grand Committee, 109

adjournment debates, 109(3)(g) 116(1)(h) 116(5)

bills, 113

delegated legislation, 115 118(5)

legislative proposals, 114

ministerial statements, 112

questions, 110

quorum, 109(2) 116(3)

short debates, 111

Northern Ireland Grand Committee continued,

sittings, 116

Oath, 5 6

select committee witnesses, 132

Official Report,

general committees, 84A(3) 94(4) 103(4) 110(4)

written statements, 22A

Opposition days, 14(2) 14(3)

questions on amendments on, 31(2)

Scottish Grand Committee debates, 99(1)

Orders of the Day,

committee of whole House, for, 66

not disposed of or not reached, deferred, 9(5)

order of disposal, 27

read by Clerk, 26

Westminster Hall, to be taken in, 10(7)

Papers, Parliamentary, 158 159 160

Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration, 146

Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, 149 150

Pecuniary penalties in Lords bills and Lords amendments, 79

Petitions, public,

presentation of, 153

present personal grievance, 155

printing and replies, 156

public money, relating to, 48

tax against imposition of, 157

when taken, 154

Fridays, 11(1)

Planning: National policy statements, 152H

Political and Constitutional Reform Committee, Appendix p 186,

Prayers, reserving of seats at, 7 8

Prayers against Statutory Instruments, 17 118(4)

Preambles to bills, postponed, 67

Private Business,

See also Bills, private,

when taken, 9(1) 11(1) 20

Private Legislation Procedure (Scotland) Act 1936, see Bills, Provisional Order,

Private Members’ bills, 14 19 23

See also Bills, public,


See also Standards and Privileges,

Lords bills and amendments, and, 78–80

publication of evidence, 136

Procedure Committee, 147

Programming of bills,

carried-over bill, and, 80A(12)

conclusion of proceedings,

consideration and third reading, 83E

Lords amendments and later stages, 83F 83G 83H

standing committee and committee of whole House, 83D

programme motions and orders, 83A

programming committees, 83B

programming sub-committees, 83C

supplementary provisions, 83I

Provisional Collection of Taxes Act 1968, motions under, 51(2)

Provisional Order of Bills, see Bills, provisional order,

Public, members of the,

admitted to general committees, 89(2)

admitted to select committees, 125

misconduct by, 161 162

Public Accounts, Committee of, 148

excess votes, 55(3)(c)

opinions on European Union documents, 143(12)

Public Administration, Select Committee on, 146

opinions on European Union documents, 143(12)

Public bill committees, see Committees, public bill,

Public bills, see Bills, public,

Public Bill Office,


during adjournments, 64

on non-sitting Fridays, 12(3)(b)

notice of ten-minute rule bills, 23(2)

Public money,

petitions, grants and charges, 48 49

private bills, &c., application of standing orders to, 53

Queen’s recommendation, 48

Question, proposal of, motions for, 29 89(3)(b)

majority required, 37


non-sitting Fridays, and, 12(3)

Northern Ireland Grand Committee, in, 110

notices of, 22

notices of during September, 22B

Scotland or Wales, relating to, Appendix p 185,

Scottish Grand Committee, in, 94

urgent, 21(2)

Fridays, 11(4)

Welsh Grand Committee, in, 103

Westminster Hall, in, 10(3)

when taken, 9(1) 21(1)

written answer, for, when sitting broken, 21(3)


See also under Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland Grand Committees,

general committees, 89(1) 89(3)(d)

House, 41

select committees, 124

Westminster Hall, 10(8)

Re-committal of bills, 72 74

motions subject to selection, 32(4)

Regional Affairs Committee, 117

Register of Members’ Financial Interests, 149 150

Regulatory Reform Committee, 141

Remedial orders, 152B

Repetition in debate, 42

general committees, in, 89

Returns, unopposed, when taken, 9(1) 11(1)

Schedules, see Bills, public; clauses,

Science and Technology Committee, 152

Scottish Affairs Committee, 152

Scottish Grand Committee, 93

adjournment debates, 99 100(6)

bills in relation to their principle, 97

delegated legislation, 98

ministerial statements, 96

Scottish Grand Committee continued,

questions, 94

quorum, 93(1) 100(6)

report stage of bills, 92(1)

short debates, 95

sittings, 100

Seats, reservation of, in House, 7 8

Second reading committees, see under Committees, general,

Second speeches, on bill reported from public bill committee, 76

Selection, Committee of,

nomination of certain select committees, 121(2)

nomination of general committees, 86(1)

Northern Ireland Grand Committee, 109(1)

Regional Affairs, Committee, 117(2)

report committees, 92

Welsh Grand Committee, 102(1)

Select committees, see Committees, select,

Serjeant at Arms,

members of the public, and, 161

misconduct by Members, 43 44(4)

withdrawal of Members from select committees, 126


absence, 3

on day of election, 1

adjournment debates,

references to legislation, discretion on, 30

adjourns House, 9(7) 46

amendment at end of Queen’s Speech debate, calls, 33

anticipation rule, discretion on, 28

ballot for bills, arranges, 14(6)

Business Committee and sub-committees, nominates, 82 120(2)

chairs, temporary, nominates, 4(1)

Counsel to, assists select committees, 143(3) 151(4)

delegated legislation committees, distributes instruments among, 118(1)

dilatory motions, 35

disorder by Members,

names Member, 44

Speaker continued,

orders Member to leave House, 43

suspends or adjourns House, 46

divisions, 38 40 41A

earlier meeting of House, summons, 13(1)

election, 1 1A 1B

evidence to former committees, authorises publication, 135(2)

general committees, appoints chairs for, 85

instructs doorkeepers regarding seats, 7

interrupts business for statements, &c., on Fridays, 11(4)

irrelevance or repetition, prevents, 42

Lords amendments involving charges, powers, 78(3)

orders of the day read at his direction, 46

programming committees and sub-committees, nominates, 83B 83C

public, members of, orders withdrawal of, 163

publication of memoranda and witness names, authorises, 135(2)

questions tabling dates, fixes, 22(6)

recommendations from committees to, 139(1) 144(1)(c)

Scottish bill, certifies, 97(1)

selection of amendments, 32

statutory instruments, unlaid, notified of, 160

sub judice, powers, 42A

urgent questions, allows, 21(2)

Special Procedure Orders,

bills in relation to, and public money standing orders, 53

not to be laid during adjournment, 159

Standards and Privileges, Committee on, 149

Standing Orders Committee,

and hybrid bills, 61(2)

Standing Order No. 152G, 152D(3)(e)


Fridays, on, 11(4)

in September, 22B

Northern Ireland Grand Committee, 112

Regional Affairs, Committee, in, 117(8)

Scottish Grand Committee, in, 96

Welsh Grand Committee, in, 105

Statements continued,

written, 22A

Statutory Instruments, Joint Committee on, 151

Statutory Instruments, see Delegated Legislation,

Strangers, see Public, members of the,

Sub judice resolution, Appendix p 181,

power of Speaker or Chairman in cases of breach of, 42A


bill, of, to next session, 80A

general committee sittings, for division in House, 89(4)

House, of, for grave disorder, 46

Members, of, 44–5A

Table Office,

questions tabled in, 22

for Grand Committees, 94(1) 103(1) 110(1)

on non-sitting Fridays, 12(3)(a)

short debate applications for Grand Committees, 95(1) 104(1) 111(1)


petitions against, 157

provisional collection of, 51(2)

Tax law rewrite bills, 60

committal procedure does not apply, 63(1)

committee discharged, 60(8) 66

Joint Committee on, 152C

Temporary chairs, 4

may not,

accept closure, 36(3)

accept motion to propose question, 29(2)

select amendments, 32(2)

Temporary laws, duration to be specified, 81

Time limits on speeches, 47

Topical debates, 24A

Trade and Industry Committee, 152

Transport Committee, 152

Treasury Committee, 152

Votes on account, 55(2)

Ways and means motions, 51 52

Ways and means resolutions, bills brought in on,

exempted business, 15(1)(a)

ministers may attend general committees, 87(2)

Welsh Affairs Committee, 152

joint meetings with committees of National Assembly for Wales, 137A(3)

Welsh Grand Committee, 102

adjournment debates, 108(5)

bills, 106

matters, 107

ministerial statements, 105

questions, 103

quorum, 102(2) 108(5)

short debates, 104

sittings, 108

Westminster Hall, sittings in, 10

Work and Pensions Committee, 152

Writs, motions for, lapse if opposed on private Members’ Fridays, 19

Prepared 5 December 2012