Standing Orders of the House of Commons - Public Business 2012   Contents

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Event (and S.O. No.) Monday/Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Application for urgent debatesto Speaker no later than (24) 12 noon 10.30 am 9.30 am
House sits (9, 11) 2.30 pm 11.30 am 10.30 am 9.30 am
Private business after prayers ends no later than (20) 2.45 pm 11.45 am 10.45 am
Question time ends (21) 3.30 pm 12.30 pm 11.30 am
Urgent questions and statements (21, 9, 11) 3.30 pm 12.30 pm 11.30 am 11 am
Opposition or Estimates half-day ends (if first item) or starts (if not first item); opposed private business (14, 54, 20) 7 pm 4 pm 3 pm
Main business interrupted (9, 11) 10 pm 7 pm 6 pm 2.30 pm
End of debate on nomination of certain select committees, if previously opposed (or 1 hour after commencement, if later) (15(1)(c)) 11 pm 8 pm 7 pm 3.30 pm
End of debate to annul delegated legislation (17) 11.30 pm 8.30 pm 7.30 pm 4 pm
Westminster Hall sittings(*extra time for divisions in House) 9.30 am2 pm (Tue only) 9.3011.30 am;*2.305 pm *2.305.30 pm

Monday times also apply to any Wednesday (but not Thursday) sitting immediately after a periodic adjournment of more than two days, in which case the sitting in Westminster Hall is 9.30am2pm, or on the first day of a Session. The House also sits at 2.30 pm on any day of the week on which a Speaker is to be elected (S.O. No. 1B).

Also latest time for application for urgent questions. This deadline is 10 am on sitting Fridays.

Also latest time to resume adjourned debate on motion to annul delegated legislation (S.O. No. 17(3), not applicable to Fridays).

Debate also limited to 1½ hours (S.O. No. 16).

Prepared 5 December 2012