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Weekly Information Bulletin: 29th May 2010

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The Week Ahead

Order of Oral Questions


Business of the House of Commons 18 - 28 May 2010

Written Ministerial Statements

Forthcoming Business of the House of Commons 31 May - 4 June 2010

Forthcoming Business of the House of Lords 31 May - 4 June 2010


Public Legislation

Public Bills before Parliament 2010/11

Bills - Presentation, Publication and Royal Assent

Public and General Acts 2010/11

Draft Bills under consideration or published during 2010/11 Session

Private Legislation

Private Bills before Parliament 2010/11

Delegated Legislation

Statutory Instruments

Legislative Reform Proposals and Orders

Remedial Orders under the Human Rights Act

Northern Ireland Legislation

Legislation of the Northern Ireland Assembly

Transport and Works Act Orders


Select Committee publications and NAO reports

Documents etc, received

White and Green Papers received since the last bulletin

European Union Documents to be considered

Early Day Motions tabled between 25 - 27 May 2010

Members of Parliament and Information about the House of Commons

Glossary of Parliamentary Terms

Alphabetical List of Members

State of the Parties, as at 28 May 2010

By-Elections and new MPs since the General Election of May 2010

Political Party Contacts

Alphabetical List of Members of the House of Commons as at 28 May 2010


Address Book - how to contact Parliament

Selective Index

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