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Weekly Information Bulletin: 26th June 2010

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The Week Ahead: 28 June – 2 July 2010


Commons Chamber

General Committees

Select Committees

Lords Chamber

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28 June

OPQ – Home Department, including Topical Questions

Debate – Conclusion of Budget Debate

Adj – Government policy on wheelchair services



Introductions – Lord Kennedy of Southwark, Floella Benjamin, Rt Hon Dr Jack McConnell

Oral Questions

Legislation – Academies Bill [HL] – Committee of the whole House (Day 3)

Debate – Veterans of the Gulf War with still undiagnosed illnesses



29 June

OPQ – Health, including Topical Questions

Debate – Opposition Day (2nd Allotted Day)

Adj – Bus services in Milton Keynes

PBC – Identity Documents Committee


Introductions – Lord German Esq, Meral Hussein Ece and Shireen Ritchie

Oral Questions

Debate – Reform of the House of Lords

Motion – To dispense Standing Order 40 on 5 July to allow the motion to approve the draft State Pension Credit Pilot Scheme Regulations 2010

Motion – Take note of the case for Reform of the House of Lords

Motion – Table motions to enable members of the House to retire, abolish by-elections of hereditary peers, remove members convicted of criminal offences, creation of statutory appointments



30 June

OPQ – Northern Ireland

Prime Minister Question Time

Debate – Progress and Prospects for Energy Efficiency

Adj – A5 to M1 link

WGC – The Government’s Legislative Programme

Speaker’s Committee for the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority

Introduction – Rt Hon Don Touhig

Oral Questions

Legislation – Local Government Bill [HL] – Second reading

Debate – Treatment of stroke victims



1 July

OPQ – Energy and Climate Change, including Topical Questions

Business Statement

Debate – Global Poverty

Adj – Act of Succession and constitutional reform

PBC – Identity Documents Committee


Introductions – Rita Donaghy CBE, Rt Hon John Hutton and Rt Hon Paul Boateng

Oral Questions

Debate – Devolution of power to local communities – Baroness Perry of Southwark

Debate – UK foreign policy



2 July

The House will not be sitting



The House will not be sitting