Session 2010-12
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Weekly Information Bulletin

Weekly Information Bulletin: 26th June 2010

Legislation – General Notes

In the list of Bills which follows, the type of Bill is shown at the lefthand margin next to the title by the following codes:
G Government Bills
C Consolidation Bills
B Private Members' Bills (under the ballot procedure). The number after refers to position in ballot
P Private Members' Bills (under SO No 57)
T Private Members' Bills (under the Ten Minute Rule, SO No 23)
L Private Members' Bills starting in the House of Lords
[HL] Bill starting in the House of Lords
HYBRID Public Bill which affects private interests of particular persons or corporate bodies as distinct from the private interests of all persons or bodies
1R First reading: date of presentation (formal, no debate)
2R Second reading (debate on the principle(s) of the Bill)
MR Money resolution (normally taken after 2R only shown in the list if taken at another time)
GM Guillotine Motion
SRC Second Reading Committee (2R taken in Committee: formal 2R in whole House next day unless otherwise stated)
SGC/WGC Scottish or Welsh Grand Committee consideration of principles (equates with SRC)
PBC Public Bill Committee in the House of Commons
Comm Committee of the Whole House
Comm** House of Lords Grand Committee, taken in a committee room
JCCB Joint Committee on Consolidation Bills
JC TLRB Joint Committee on Tax Law Re-write Bills (the date indicates the date on which the Bill was committed to the Joint Committee).
SC Standing Committee
SSC/SSSC Special Standing Committee/Special Scottish Standing Committee on a Bill, where public evidence is taken
CN Committee negatived. (Indicates that there was no debate at committee stage in the House of Lords)
OCD Order of Commitment discharged (no debate at committee stage in the House of Lords)
Rep Report stage (detailed review of the Bill as amended in committee)
3R Third reading (final debate on the Bill)
RS Remaining stages of a bill on the same day (usually report stage and third reading)
LA Lords' amendments considered in the House of Commons
CA Commons' amendments considered in the House of Lords
RA Bill formally becomes an Act of Parliament
CH Chapter number
CO Carry-over Motion
RC Re-committal to a Public Bill Committee, or to Committee stage in House of Lords
Prog Programme Motion
ATM Allocation of Time Motion
SelCom Bill referred to a Select Committee
Prov 2R (Rep, 3R) Provisional date for 2R of a Bill etc. For Private Members' Bills (if set down for a Private Members Bill Friday) this is followed, by the position of the Bill in the order of business for that day.
Pri Private sitting (can occur at any stage)
* Indicates proceedings were formal with no debate
# Member in charge has named a date for consideration which is not a Private Members’ Bill Friday, therefore the Bill will not be debated.
Deb adj Debate adjourned
Order for 2nd
Reading lapsed Bill has not been printed, therefore does not appear on the order paper on the named day
Dropped Day for the next reading has not been named or time has run out for the Bill to be considered
Withdrawn Member in charge has withdrawn the Bill
Stood over Fewer than 40 Members present at a division, question not decided and business under consideration stood over until next sitting of the House

Complete list of Public Bills before Parliament this Session

The following is a list of Public Bills before Parliament this Session.
To save space, the list is abbreviated. The title of the Bill is followed by the name of the Member and/or Peer sponsoring it. The letter denotes the type of Bill (see Legislation – General Notes). This is followed by the Bill number(s) with full bill reprints indicated by the use of bold; followed by the dates of the various stages. All forthcoming, and therefore provisional, dates are italicised. Government Bills are listed in bold type.
For an explanation of Parliamentary consideration of Public Bills see HCIO Factsheets L1 and L2 produced by the House of Commons Information Office, available in hardcopy on request or to download from the Parliament website.


Lord Wallace of Saltaire

Lords: (1) *1R: 26.5.2010 2R: 7.6.2010 Comm: 21 & 23.6.2010 Prov Comm: 28.6.2010 Prov Rep: 7.7.2010 Prov 3R: 13.7.2010


Lord Harrison

Lords: (7) *1R: 26.5.2010 Prov 2R: No date


Lord Morris of Manchester

Lords: (6) *1R: 26.5.2010 Prov 2R: No date


Lord Lester of Herne Hill

Lords: (3) *1R: 26.5.2010 Prov 2R: 9.7.2010


Lord Redesdale

Lords: (4) *1R: 26.5.2010 Prov 2R: 9.7.2010


Lord Steel of Aikwood

Lords: (8) *1R: 26.5.2010 Prov 2R: No date


Theresa May

Commons: (1) *1R: 26.5.2010 2R: 9.6.2010 Prog: 9.6.2010 Prov PBC: 29.6 & 1.7.2010


Baroness Hanham

Lords: (2) *1R: 26.5.2010 Prov 2R: No date


Lord Berkeley

Lords: (9) *1R: 26.5.2010 Prov 2R: No date


Lord Alton of Liverpool

Lords: (5) *1R: 26.5.2010 Prov 2R: No date