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Weekly Information Bulletin: 17th July 2010

Forthcoming Business of the House of Lords
19 – 23 July 2010

Monday 19 July

The House will sit at 2:15pm

Introduction(s) – Lord Boswell of Aynho, Baroness Stedman-Scott, Kathryn Parminter

Oral Questions – Increasing GP's awareness of the symptoms of prostate cancer – Baroness Royall of Blaisdon; Nominating peerages for representatives of different professions – Baroness Cox; Youth Crime and Antisocial Behaviour – Lord Ramsbotham; Ensuring that neither the EU nor any Member State shall assume the commitments of another Member State – Lord Pearson of Rannoch

Motion – Business of the House – Lord Strathclyde

Debate – Report of the Merits Committee on Terrorism Act 2006 Order 2010 – Baroness Neville–Jones

Orders and Regulations – Draft Legislative Reform (Licensing) (Interim Authority Notices etc.) – Baroness Rawlings; Draft Terrorism Act 2006 (Disapplication of Section 25) Order 2010 – Baroness Neville–Jones; Draft Child Trust Funds (Amendment No. 3) Regulations 2010 – Lord Sassoon; Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Contribution to the Costs of the SRR) Regulations 2010 – Lord Sassoon; Draft National Minimum Wage Regulations 1999 (Amendment) Regulations 2010 – Baroness Wilcox; Draft Armed Forces Act (Continuation) Order 2010 – Lord Wallace of Saltaire; Fishing Boats (Electronic Transmission of Fishing Activities Data) (England) Scheme 2010 – Lord Henley

Tuesday 20 July

The House will sit at 2:15pm

Introduction(s) – Lord Macdonald of River Green QC, Rt Hon. Michael Howard QC, Susan Nye

Oral Questions – Large Combustion Plant Directive – Lord Willoughby de Broke; Responsibility for the Debt Management Office to the Bank of England – Lord Higgins; Mapping in England and Wales within the Single Farm Payment scheme – Duke of Montrose

Motion – Resolutions on House of Lords Allowance and Travel Expenses and approval of House Committee Report – Lord Strathclyde/Lord Brabazon of Tara

Orders and Regulations – Equality Act 2010 (Consequential Amendments, Saving and Supplementary Provisions) Order – Lord Strathclyde; Electricity and Gas (Carbon Emissions Reduction) (Amendment) Order 2010 – Lord Strathclyde; Employment and Support Allowance (Transitional Provisions, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit) (Existing Awards) Regulations 2010 – Motion to take note – Baroness Thomas of Winchester/Lord Freud

Wednesday 21 July

The House will sit at 3:00pm

Introduction(s) – Anna Healy

Oral Questions – Defining the present role of Members of the House of Lords – Lord Selsdon; Illegal motorway advertisements – Lord Harrison; Office of Civil Society – Baroness Andrews

Orders and Regulations – Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 (Amendment No. 2) Order 2010 – Baroness Neville–Jones

Debate – Women in society – Baroness Verma

The House will sit in Grand Committee in the Moses Room at 3:45pm

Orders and Regulations – Draft Pensions Regulator (Contribution Notices) (Sum Specified following Transfer) Regulations 2010; Draft Occupational Pension Schemes (Levies) (Amendment) Regulations 2010 – Lord Freud; Draft Control of Donations and Regulation of Loans etc. (Extension of the Prescribed Period) (Northern Ireland) Order 2010 – Lord Shutt of Greetland; Draft Communications Act 2003 (Maximum Penalty for Persistent Misuse of Network or Service) Order 2010 – Baroness Wilcox

Thursday 22 July

The House will sit at 10:45am

Introduction(s) – Matthew Taylor, Rt Hon. John Reid, Dame Margaret Eaton DBE

Oral Questions – Review Conference on the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court – Baroness Stern; Skin testing for bovine tuberculosis – Lord Dixon–Smith; Impact of the points–based visa system on visiting artists and performers – Lord Clement–Jones

Debate – The impact of the Budget on people in poverty – Lord McKenzie of Luton

Debate – Policing and crime rates – Lord Mackenzie of Framwellgate

Friday 23 July

The House will not be sitting.

Provisional Forthcoming Business of the House of Lords
26 – 30 July 2010

Monday 26 July

The House will sit at 2:15pm

Introduction(s) – Rt Hon. Beverley Hughes, Sir Ian Blair QPM, Richard Allan

Oral Questions – Plans for the diary industry – Baroness O'Cathain; Letting of residential properties – Baroness Gardner of Parkes; England's bid for the 2018 World Cup – Lord Faulkner of Worcester; Diplomatic relations with Russia – Viscount Waverley

The House will sit in Grand Committee in the Moses Room at 3:30pm

Orders and Regulations – Draft Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Consequential Amendments No. 3) Order 2010 – Earl Howe; Draft Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (Disclosure of Information by SOCA) Order 2010 – Minister tbc.

Tuesday 27 July

The House will sit at 2:30pm

Introduction(s) – Sir Jeremy Beecham, Rt Hon. Des Browne

Oral Questions – Trafficked children – Baroness Massey of Darwen; Removal of Common Agricultural Policy direct payments – Lord Livsey of Talgarth; Disability issues – Lord Ashley of Stoke

Legislation – Terrorist Asset-Freezing etc. Bill – Second reading – Lord Sassoon

Wednesday 28 July

The House will sit at 11:00am

Introduction(s) – Edward Faulks QC Esq

Oral Questions – Use of aid in Afghanistan – Earl of Sandwich; Trend in net lending by banks to UK businesses – Lord Roberts of Conwy; Carbon capture and storage competition – Lord Hunt of Kings Heath

Legislation – Local Government Bill [HL] – Report stage – Baroness Hanham

Thursday 29 July

The House will not be sitting.

Friday 30 July

The House will not be sitting.