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Weekly Information Bulletin

Weekly Information Bulletin: 24th July 2010

Selective Index to the Weekly Information Bulletin

Glossary of Parliamentary Terms – Issue 1 p33

By-elections and new MPs since the General Election of May 2010 – This issue p52

Her Majesty’s Government – Issue 2 p29

Her Majesty’s Official Opposition – Issue 2 p35

Maiden Speeches – Issue 2 p27; Issue 3 p29, Issue 4 p32, Issue 5 p34, Issue 6 p41, Issue 7 p42, Issue 8 p51, This Issue p51

Members of Parliament after the General Election of May 2010 – Issue 1 p35

Order of Oral Questions – This issue p3

Private Members Bills – dates for the Private Members Bill Ballot and allocated Fridays, This issue (Noticeboard)

Recess dates – This issue (Noticeboard)

Select Committee Chairs – Issue 3 p31, This issue p33

Select Committee Membership (Full List) – Issue 8 p33

-Backbench Business Committee – This issue (Noticeboard)

-Chairman’s Panel – Issue 5 p27, Issue 6 p32, Issue 7p33

-Committee of Selection – Issue 5 p27

-Speaker’s Committee on the IPSA – Issue 5 p27

Regional Select Committees – To be confirmed

Summer Opening Details – This issue (Noticeboard)