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Weekly Information Bulletin

Weekly Information Bulletin: 13th November 2010

General Committees

General Committee debates are available to view on the Parliament website.

Public Bill Committee debates.

Other General Committee debates.

For further information on General Committees see HCIO Factsheet L6 produced by the House of Commons Information Office, available in hardcopy on request or to download from the Parliament website.

Current Public Bill Committees, details of membership




Draft House of Lords Reform

Bill laid

Issue 3 p23

Identity Documents


Issue 5 p25, Issue 6 p30



Issue 11, p27, Issue 12 p30

Finance (No. 2)


Issue 13, p30, Issue 14 p31

Local Government


Issue 15 p34

Savings Accounts and Health in Pregnancy


Issue 15 p34, This issue

Postal Services


Issue 16 p33

Dates in italics denote expected reporting date, (R), of Public Bill Committee as stated in the Programme Motion if made

Membership announcements and changes:

Saving Accounts and Health in Pregnancy Grant Bill: Mr Phillip Hollobone appointed as additional Chair

General Committee Meetings

8 – 12 November 2010

Monday 8 November

1 st DLC Draft Apportionment of Money in the National Lottery Distribution Fund Order 2010
2 nd DLC Draft Asylum (First List of Safe Countries) (Amendment) Order 2010

Tuesday 9 November

PBC Savings Accounts and Health in Pregnancy Grant Bill (5 th & 6 th Sittings: Clauses 1-2 Agreed on division)
PBC Postal Services Bill
5 th DLC To consider the Motion in the name of Mr Peter Lilley relating to the House of Commons Members’ Fund
3 rd DLC Draft Freedom of Information (Time for Compliance with Request) Regulations 2010

Wednesday 10 November

6 th DLC Draft Immigration (Biometric Registration) (Amendment) Regulations 2010

Thursday 11 November

PBC Savings Accounts and Health in Pregnancy Grant Bill (7 th & 8 th Sittings: Clauses 3-4 Agreed on Division; Bill to be reported)
PBC Postal Services Bill

Friday 12 November


Forthcoming General Committee Meetings

15 – 19 November 2010

Monday 15 November

ECB Unnumbered Explanatory Memorandum dated 2 June 2010 and 29 September 2010 relating to Council Decision amending and extending Joint Action 2008/124/CFSP on the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo , 4.30pm, Room 10
1 st DLC Draft Disabled People’s Right to Control (Pilot Scheme) (England) Regulations 2010 , 4.30pm, Room 9

Tuesday 16 November

PBC Postal Services Bill , 10.30am & 4.00pm, Room 9
2 nd DLC Draft Justification Decision (Generation of Electricity by the AP1000 Nuclear Reactor) Regulations 2010 and the draft Justification Decision (Generation of Electricity by the EPR Nuclear Reactor) Regulations 2010 , 10.30am, Room 11
3 rd DLC Draft Legislative and Regulatory Reform (Regulatory Functions) (Amendment) Order 2010 , 10.30am, Room 12
4 th DLC Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment) (No. 2) (England) Order 2010 (S.I., 2010, No. 2134) and the Town and Country Planning (Compensation) (No. 3) (England) Regulations 2010 (S.I., 2010, No. 2135) , 4.30pm, Room 12

Wednesday 17 November

5 th DLC Draft Offshore Petroleum Activities (Oil Pollution Prevention and Control) (Amendment) Regulations 2010 and the draft Offshore Chemicals (Amendment) Regulations 2010 , 2.30pm, Room 9

Thursday 18 November

PBC Postal Services Bill , 9.00am & 1.00pm, Room 9

Friday 19 November